‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 117 Major Spoilers: Vegeta Imitates Son Goku, Tries Ultra Instinct!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 117, titled “Grand Battle of Love! Androids vs Universe 2,” will feature an intense battle between the Androids of Universe 7 and Ribrianne-led Universe 2. The latest DBS spoiler revealed that Vegeta will also try to enter the spotlight in the upcoming episode after Son Goku goes down once again. Will Vegeta finally achieve Ultra Instinct in the Tournament of Power?

Since the tournament started, most Dragon Ball Super fans are patiently waiting for Prince Vegeta to have a new transformation. However, with less than 21 minutes left, Vegeta is still unable to surpass Super Saiyan Blue. As of now, the proud Saiyan is fighting against the second fiddle of Universe 11, Toppo.

Though the battle of second fiddles has limited airtime, it’s expected to play a major role in Vegeta’s new transformation. Luckily, fans will not need to wait longer to see Vegeta enter the spotlight. In the latest leaked information for Dragon Ball Super Episode 117, Vegeta will be trying to achieve Ultra Instinct.

“In order to use ‘Ultra Instinct,’ Vegeta imitates Goku and acts unconsciously. He fails and is attacked by Katopesla.”

After seeing Son Goku use Ultra Instinct twice, Vegeta must be desperate to have the same power. However, the technique is not something anyone can easily learn. As Whis said, Ultra Instinct is extremely hard to achieve even for a God of Destruction.

It’s easy to understand why Vegeta is still unable to achieve Ultra Instinct. Aside from Toppo, Vegeta has not yet faced a strong opponent like Jiren or Kefla. Also, based on his appearance, the Saiyan Prince has not taken lots of damage like Son Goku.

Son Goku achieved Ultra Instinct in two difficult situations. First was when he absorbed his own Genki Dema reflected by Jiren, and second was when his weakened body was cornered by Kefla. The failed Ultra Instinct attempt does not mean that Vegeta will never obtain such power in the Tournament of Power.

After receiving serious damage from the enemy, Vegeta will surely get mad and unleash an incredible amount of power. There were numerous times in Dragon Ball Super where Vegeta managed to upgrade his power with the help of anger. This happened during his fight with Beerus and Goku Black. Before the Tournament of Power ends, Vegeta is expected to achieve Ultra Instinct or have a new Saiyan transformation.

Dragon Ball Super airs every Sunday morning in Japan. The anime is available in the West through streaming services such as FunimationNow and Crunchyroll.

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