Blake Shelton Gushes Over Gwen Stefani And Her Boys, Is He Finally Ready To Propose?

It’s no secret that Blake Shelton adores his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, and the couple’s love seems to grow stronger every day. In a new interview with People for his “Sexiest Man Alive” spread, the country superstar has revealed just how important Stefani is to him and how strong their bond is. Does this mean he is finally ready to propose?

The 41-year-old says that his goal every day is to be a gentleman and put Stefani on a pedestal because she deserves it. He added that the most important thing to his girlfriend is that the man in her life has her back and is her best friend, and that is how their relationship started.

The two formed an unbreakable bond after meeting on The Voice back in 2014 and then going through painful divorces at the same time.

“When you’re where she and I were, and you just feel so betrayed and on the bottom, this bond that we formed when we found out what each other were going through, it’s still there,” says Shelton.

Shelton admits that a relationship between himself, the country superstar, and Stefani, the rock queen, doesn’t make much sense on paper, but he says that nothing has ever worked better.

With their hectic schedules, the singers don’t get that much time alone together. However, when they get the chance, they enjoy lying in bed and watching a movie. Shelton says it is a coveted, special, and rare thing.

The couple has also taken the opportunity to work together. Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani wrote and recorded the title track for her new holiday album, You Make It Feel Like Christmas. Stefani will star in her own NBC Christmas special on December 12, and Shelton is scheduled to make a guest appearance.

According to Hollywood Life, a source claims Shelton may take the opportunity to ask Stefani to marry him, but fans will have to tune in to find out.

In addition to his love for Stefani, the “I’ll Name the Dogs” singer is also fond of her three adorable sons: Kingston, 11; Zuma, 9; and Apollo, 3. Shelton says at first it was a challenge figuring out his place in their lives, but eventually, his paternal instinct kicked in.

He went on to say the kids are special and “so damn funny” and that it is easy to fall in love with them. It is the first time Blake Shelton has had children in his life, and he joked that sometimes things get so crazy that he starts wondering when school starts. But in just an hour, he starts wondering when they will be home.

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