Kim Zolciak Flips Out On Her Family, Says Her Parents Will Do Whatever For Money

Kim Zolciak is returning to The Real Housewives of Atlanta next week, and fans are excited about her return to the famous reality show. Zolciak is excited to return to the show that made her famous, but she is still filming Don’t Be Tardy. After her wedding, Kim realized that her parents didn’t have much respect for her. Kim’s mother didn’t respect her wishes at her wedding, as little KJ was sleeping upstairs. After the wedding, Zolciak learned that her parents kept saying things in the media. She cut all contact with her parents, and Kroy Biermann has also cut contact with his parents.

Last week, the episode aired on Bravo where their dog, Sin, bit Kash. He almost lost his eye, and it was a scary time for the family. But the family decided to keep the dog, and it sounds like Kim’s parents decided to slam the family for keeping the dog after the attack. According to a new Instagram post, Kim Zolciak is now speaking out about her parents’ decision to speak out to the media about the dog attack. She’s not happy about her parents speaking out about it, especially since they have never met Kash or Sin.

In her Instagram post, Kim Zolciak reveals that her parents would do anything for a dollar. On Don’t Be Tardy, Kim revealed that her mother texted her when the attack happened. Her mother revealed that she was thinking about Kash even though she had never met the boy, and she encouraged Kim to call her. However, Zolciak revealed that she had no intention or desire to speak to her own mother. Perhaps, she had a gut feeling about her parents, as she’s now slamming her parents for speaking out about the dog bite and Kim’s decision to keep Sin after the attack.

Kim Zolciak will return to The Real Housewives of Atlanta next week, and Don’t Be Tardy will soon wrap up this current season. Given the success of the show, fans should expect another season of her family reality show. No word on whether Kim plans on returning to The Real Housewives of Atlanta next year.

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