Charles Manson Near Death, Hospitalized: Fake Donald Trump Account Tweets Condolences, Goes Viral

A tweet from Donald Trump offering his condolences to cult leader Charles Manson after news broke that he is hospitalized and dying is confusing people. However, the sympathy post for Manson, the leader of the group who killed Sharon Tate, is fake and is in no way connected to the POTUS.

Donald Trump is a prolific user of Twitter. The Republican leader of the free world often takes to the micro-sharing site in the early morning hours to communicate with his followers — and critics.

With such a large presence on social media, the latter often pokes fun at Trump with memes and satirical posts to highlight their angst with his policies, “divisive” public statements, and a host of other things that have defined his struggling presidency.

A person with a clever username of @realdonalbtrump and the name of Donald J. Trump posted a tweet that appeared to offer condolences to Charles Manson and his family after TMZ broke the news that the cult leader, who is serving a life sentence for his role in the Tate/LaBianca murders, was hospitalized and facing imminent death.

At a glance, the Charles Manson tweet looks authentic; it has the same profile picture that is attached to the real POTUS account. Moreover, the usernames are similar.

However, there are subtle differences: the Twitter “Verified” symbol is missing from the fake account and the first and last names are in lowercase, not uppercase as seen in the authentic Donald Trump account. Finally, the letter at the end of the real president’s name is a “b,” not a “d.”

Another sign that the tweet about the hospitalized Charles Manson and his threatening death is not real lies within the user’s profile. It clearly says it’s not the president’s official account.

“NOT the real Donald Trump obviously. If you like any of my tweets please follow me. If you thought it was really him for a second what does that say about him?”

Still, the fake Donald Trump-Charles Manson tweet caught on rapidly and went viral in short order with a gathering of retweets, replies, and memes.

Charles Manson, 83, was rushed to a hospital in Bakersfield, California, days ago for an unknown serious illness. It’s unclear about his condition, but insiders say his health had taken a turn in recent months and was “deteriorating” fast.

“It’s not going to get any better for him.”

In January, Charles Manson was hospitalized after suffering a serious hemorrhage in his intestines. At that time, there was no talk about Manson’s impending death, but doctors grew concerned about his chances for survival.

Manson has been serving a prison sentence for four decades after he and members of the Charles Manson Family were convicted of going on a murderous spree in 1969. Seven people died as a result of the cult’s killings, reportedly ordered by Manson, the self-described rebirth of Jesus Christ.

Ostensibly, “Helter Skelter,” a song from the eponymous Beatles 1968 double album (aka the “White Album”), inspired Charles Manson. The term refers to a portable amusement park ride that was popularized in the United Kingdom.

However, Manson thought the subtle lyrics referred to a call to action for a race war. Manson was inspired to plan an apocalyptic war between whites and blacks.

Charles Manson remains hospitalized at this time, but it’s unclear if his death is approaching, as sources indicate. And while the tweet from Donald Trump is fake, people are still having a time with it.

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