Profane Anti-Trump Truck Sticker Goes Crazy Viral, But Texan Owner Refuses To Remove It Despite Censorship

A profane anti-Trump sticker on the back of a truck is making waves in the small Fort Bend County in Texas and on the internet.

On Wednesday, Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy E. Nehls uploaded a Facebook post with a picture of a sticker on truck which read “F**k Trump, and f**k you for voting for him.” Apparently, Nehls had been receiving a slew of complaints against the sticker, which some county residents said were offensive to Trump voters. Nehls figured it would be best to post the image of the sticker on social media, hoping that the truck owners were part of the community and would get in touch with him regarding the complaints.

“I have received numerous calls regarding the offensive display on this truck as it is often seen along FM 359. If you know who owns this truck or it is yours, I would like to discuss it with you. Our Prosecutor has informed us she would accept Disorderly Conduct charges regarding it, but I feel we could come to an agreement regarding a modification to it,” the caption to Nehls’ post on Facebook read, clearly a veiled reminder that such behavior won’t be tolerated by Ford Bend County officials.

UPDATE: The post has now been removed by Sheriff Nehls from Facebook.

But contrary to Nehls’ assumptions, his Facebook post went viral on the internet, being shared more than 10,000 times at the time of writing. While many commenters took it humorously and even cheered the profane anti-Trump sentiment, some of the President’s supporters were not as amused. Calls for filing disorderly conduct charges against the hitherto unknown owner grew louder, prompting local television stations to locate the owner themselves.

Unlike Nehls, who had attempted to reach out to the owner through social media, TV station KPRC 2 soon identified the owner of the truck. It is reportedly owned by Karen Forsenca and her husband, who had the decal for well over a year, from a time when Trump was not even president.

“I thought the whole thing was totally crazy. It’s been on there for such a long time and we have so much positive out of it — more positive that outweighs the negative,” she said.

Moreover, she chastised the sheriff for having posted the image on Facebook and thus having invaded her privacy, and she refused to remove the anti-Trump sticker even in the event of it drawing more attention.

“I mean, look, y’all don’t know me and y’all found me. He could have done that at the same time, it is an invasion of privacy and everything else because he put me on blast on his Facebook Page,” Karen said, before adding that she is a responsible citizen and realizes that the impact of her anti-Trump sticker is far outweighed by what we see on the internet everywhere these days.

“I drive it all the time on a daily basis, I’m not fearful, there’s too much positive, and it makes people smile. They honk their horn, they give you a thumbs up, there is some negativity because we’re in a diversified community, but the plusses outweigh the negativity.

I understand I have 12 children of our own, at the same time, what we have on the back of our truck is nothing compared to what you see every day on the music videos, see on TV and video games.”

Nehls has not yet commented on whether the officials will pursue the disorderly conduct charge against the truck owners.

[Featured Image by Thomas Peter/Pool/Getty Images]