Prince Harry Horrified By Camilla Parker Bowles ‘Smear Campaign’ In Meghan Markle Feud?

Prince Harry hasn’t had an easy time when it comes to his romance with Meghan Markle, at least according to the rumor mill. Kate Middleton repeatedly has been described as frustrated and jealous when it comes to the spotlight swinging from her third pregnancy to Prince Harry’s and Meghan’s romance. There were even reports that Kate and Camilla Parker Bowles had teamed up in a royal attempt to wreck Harry and Markle’s love life, as the Inquisitr reported. Now, however, it’s Camilla alone who faces allegations that she’s feuding with Meghan, even arranging for an alleged “smear campaign” that has horrified Prince Harry.

Camilla Parker Bowles Becomes New Taylor Swift In Celebrity Feud History?

Celebrity feuds have been providing tasty fodder for tabloids for years. Remember Kim Kardashian versus Taylor Swift? Taylor Swift versus Katy Perry? Taylor Swift versus Kanye West? Well, there’s a new rumored war of words in the British celebrity world, and it seems as if Camilla Parker Bowles has become the new Taylor Swift when it comes to star feuds.

Life & Style (via Gossip Cop) reported on the alleged war between Meghan Markle, famed for her Suits role, and Camilla Parker Bowles, known as the Duchess of Cornwall and wife of Prince Charles.

Parker Bowles reportedly is battling with Markle, making it “clear” that she does not approve of Prince Harry’s girlfriend preferences.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly are facing a "smear campaign" conducted by Camilla Parker Bowles.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly are facing a "smear campaign" conducted by Camilla Parker Bowles. [Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images for the Invictus Games Foundation]

A source quoted by Life & Style claimed that Camilla has crafted a smear campaign.

“[Camilla Parker Bowles] is spreading the word that Meghan is totally unsuitable to be a royal because she is an American.”

Just in case the message that Parker Bowles dislikes Markle didn’t get across, the insider even said that Camilla has “refused” to meet Prince Harry’s girlfriend.

Prince Harry So Upset That He Wants Camilla Parker Bowles Banned From Meghan Markle Wedding Day?

Prince Harry, however, reportedly refuses to allow Camilla Parker Bowles to succeed in her alleged attempts to block Meghan from becoming his wife. Harry continues to go “full-speed ahead” with his romance, according to the insider. But although the prince is reportedly focused on romancing Markle, he also is shocked by Camilla’s actions, said the source.

“Harry is very upset about Camilla’s smear campaign against Meghan. If it were up to him, Camilla might not even be invited to the wedding.”

But an insider told Gossip Cop that the report about Camilla Parker Bowles and Meghan Markle feuding is not true. As for the prince, the source denied that Harry is “very upset” about the alleged “smear campaign” that Parker Bowles has crafted. Insiders also denied allegations that Queen Elizabeth has “blacklisted” members of Markle’s family.

Kate Middleton, Camilla Parker Bowles Want Meghan Markle To Step Away From Prince Harry?

But this isn’t the only report claiming that Camilla Parker Bowles dislikes Meghan Markle so much that she’s threatening her. Camilla was reported to have “warned off” Prince Harry’s girlfriend in July, according to Yahoo.

Parker Bowles reportedly had invited Meghan to meet with her. But Markle didn’t anticipate the reported nasty comments from Camilla, who allegedly informed Meghan that she disliked her romance with Prince Harry.

“[Meghan Markle] should think twice before agreeing to his marriage proposal because Camilla was planning to make her life very tough.”

Kate Middleton also has been rumored to dislike Meghan Markle. But while it’s not quite clear why Parker Bowles reportedly has taken such an allegedly strong stance against Prince Harry’s girlfriend, Celeb Dirty Laundry claimed that Kate’s annoyance with Meghan is all about the spotlight.

Middleton reportedly dreads what might happen when Markle and Prince Harry eventually wed, “anticipating that the couple will end up stealing Kate’s thunder each and every time they are forced to attend an event together.”

However, there’s a big difference between the allegations about Camilla Parker Bowles and Kate Middleton’s approaches to acting out their disapproval of Prince Harry’s girlfriend. While Camilla is facing accusations of a smear campaign and threatening to make Meghan’s life tough after a wedding, Kate is rumored to be keeping her frustrated and envious feelings about Markle to herself. Potentially, that could mean Middleton scores an invitation to Prince Harry’s wedding while Parker Bowles pays the price for her alleged mean girl actions by staying at home.

[Featured Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]