Samsung Teases New ‘Innovative’ TV Design, Promises CES 2013 Reveal [Video]

Samsung on Monday released a video ad spot for what it is calling a revolution new TV design.

According to the tech company the new TV will debut at CES 2013 and will feature “a true innovation of TV design.”

The teaser video then declared that the new device will have “an unprecedented new TV shape and timeless design.”

The image shown is that of a TV which appears to be in some sort of portrait orientation with a thin bezel design.

Posted on the company’s Samsung Tomorrow blog it is the second teaser that the tech giant has posted in the last month. In Early December Samsung released a video in which it promised “something new” for CES 2013.

Some analysts believe that Samsung will use CES to completely rebrand its products, offering new innovative designs that help end the company’s design patent troubles with competitor Apple, Inc.

As to what new direction the tech giant hopes to take, your guess is as good as mine. In the meantime we continue to hear hints of new devices, possibly a Galaxy S IV and of course constant chatter regarding the company’s new “unbreakable” displays.

In the meantime, here is the teaser video for Samsung’s new TV technology:

The Inquisitr will be at CES 2013 where we will be sure to grab footage and photos of the new Samsung TV revolution.