Katie Holmes Turned Down Jamie Foxx ‘White Famous’ TV Role: Reason Behind Alleged Split?

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been making headlines for supposedly having taken a break from one another, it’s been reported.

But could their alleged split have been down to Katie Holmes refusing to appear on White Famous?

The show, which is produced by Foxx, proved to be quite the hit on Showtime during its first season run, with it often finding itself trending on social media and sparking conversation amongst fans.

The comedy series is looking to be renewed by the network but nothing has been confirmed as of right now.

OK! Magazine claims that Jamie recently approached Katie Holmes with an offer to appear on his show — it’s unclear whether this would have been a recurring role or just a one-off gig, but he supposedly wanted her there.

Sources tell the publication that Holmes flat-out declined, as cited by Gossip Cop, which questions the legitimacy of the insider. Katie allegedly said that she didn’t want her appearance on White Famous to overshadow the hard work Jamie had put into the production of the show.

There were concerns on Katie’s end that with her being on the program, it would bring a lot of attention that she clearly wasn’t looking for — not even if the role seemed ideal for her.


It’s now being questioned whether this could have played a part in the supposed break the two have taken from one another, as also reported by OK! Magazine.

The publication noted that Katie Holmes and Foxx recently took a break, and in what seems to be a regretful decision on the actress’ end, she’s allegedly been trying to spice up her look and appear in a sexier manner to get her man’s attention again.

Katie Holmes has refrained from other big roles on television or movies in quite a long time, having focused most of her attention on motherhood and family, so it wouldn’t come as a surprise for fans to hear that she turned down the chance to appear on White Famous.

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Given the supposed reasons that she didn’t want to overshadow Jamie’s project, it would seem reasonable for her to decline the offer — at least that’s what fans have stressed on Twitter since the allegations first came to light.

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