Christina Aguilera Accused Of Plastic Surgery After Posting And Deleting Unrecognizable Selfie

Did Christina Aguilera get plastic surgery?

Christina Aguilera is being accused of using her recent time away from the spotlight to go under the knife. The singer and former The Voice coach caused a serious stir last week when she posted, and then promptly deleted, a rare selfie that showed her looking so different that a number of fans asked if the photo was even of her.

After Christina posted the increasingly rare photo of herself to Instagram, a number of social media users called out the star and accused her of getting plastic surgery on her face, noting that her lips in particular seemed noticeably fuller.

As reported by Life & Style, the comments on Xtina’s photo were so “savage” that the star then quickly deleted the snap from her feed after fans accused her of going under the knife, but not before a number of Instagram users threw in their two cents regarding her new look.

“Here’s hoping Christina Aguilera’s new album is as big a creative departure as her new face is!” one fan hit back after seeing the snap while referring to the star’s upcoming new album. “Please don’t use lip fillers they don’t look good and you don’t need it babe,” another said.

The surprised response also spread to Twitter, where fans continued to be pretty puzzled by Aguilera’s hastily deleted Instagram photo and continued to accuse her of having some kind of plastic surgery to alter her appearance.

“Who the f*** is this???!!” one confused social media user asked alongside Xtina’s latest selfie after the photo of the star with shorter blonde hair and a lot of black eye make-up had fans doing a whole lot of speculating.

“Thank God @xtina removed that picture from Instagram,” said another. “Her lips looked crazy & changes her whole face. She was so beautiful naturally before. Makes me a sad fan!”

But while a number of social media users weren’t exactly kind to the star with their responses, others stepped in to defend Christina against the negative comments that accused her of going under the knife before her much anticipated return to the spotlight.

Christina Aguilera Accused Of Plastic Surgery After Posting & Deleting Unrecognisable Selfie

One fan took to Instagram to post a heartfelt message of support for the mom of two, slamming those who left negative comments on her latest photo while calling them out for “bullying” the “Ain’t No Other Man” singer, who’s been increasingly reclusive over the past few months since last appearing on The Voice in 2016.

“Christina did not and does not deserve your rude comments,” they hit back in defense of the singer in a lengthy post on the social media site. “It was so heartbreaking to see all the comments on Christina’s latest post.”

“She was finally becoming active and now you do this,” they continued. “Please, please, please keep your [disrespectful] comments to yourself.”

Xtina hasn’t commented on the overwhelming response her Instagram selfie received from her fans and has also never confirmed she’s had any kind of plastic surgery.

As for what’s next for Aguilera, after staying out of the spotlight for the past several months, the star is set to make her triumphant return to the stage on November 19 at the American Music Awards.

Christina will pay tribute to the late Whitney Houston during the award show broadcast to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the release of the legendary singer’s 1992 movie The Bodyguard.

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