Jennifer Aniston Outraged Selena Gomez Has Reunited With Justin Bieber — Fears Another Split

Jennifer Aniston isn’t too happy about Selena Gomez’s decision to get back with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, according to a report.

OK! magazine claims that Jennifer was stunned by the revelation upon hearing about the couple’s decision to give their romance another shot, with supposed plans to already try and see if they can live under one roof together.

Not only are things moving drastically fast for fans and family to comprehend, Jennifer Aniston is said to be disappointed by the news in general, convinced that the relationship will turn sour and end bitter again.

Sources, which Gossip Cop seems unsure of, tell the publication that Jennifer Aniston sees Selena as someone she treats as if she was her daughter, and having seen the battles that the singer has gone through over the years, it seems like such a bad move to reconcile with the guy who reportedly nothing but heartbreak to Gomez.

Jennifer Aniston is well aware of the drama that had occurred between the two in the past, with insiders going on to stress that the actress would have wanted Selena to simply focus on her well-being following her kidney transplant.

Of course, it seemed as if the 25-year-old had other plans, by choosing to reconcile with Justin, whom she’s now been inseparable from since organizing their get-together in Los Angeles just a month ago.

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It’s beyond heartbreaking for Aniston to accept because she dearly cares about Gomez and wouldn’t want to see her hurt again, especially not after all that she’s been through, but there isn’t much she can do other than to support the relationship.

Fans are wondering how Taylor Swift feels about the duo getting back together. It’s no secret that Swift isn’t a fan of Bieber, and that’s solely for the actions he took to break Selena’s heart in the past.

The “Delicate” hitmaker has remained quiet on matters concerning the couple’s romance but fans seem convinced that even Taylor is not happy about Selena reuniting with her ex-boyfriend.

Jennifer Aniston is hoping for the best and will keep her fingers crossed that her pal is making the right decision in staying with the Biebs.

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