‘Dragon Ball Super’ Artist To Spill Jiren’s Shocking Secret

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Dragon Ball Super hasn’t shown much of Jiren The Grey except his climactic battle with Son Goku during the anime’s one-hour TV special. After dodging all the hero’s attacks, the muscular humanoid fighter went back to meditation and believes that there is no one else to fight. He has shown his full power that impressed Goku and even the Gods of Destruction, but no one knows his backstory.

However, that might change soon as Dragon Ball Super illustrator Toyotaro recently teased that Jiren’s secret will be unveiled in the manga version. Comic Book reports that Viz Media has yet to release a free issue of the translated version of the manga’s most recent chapter. However, there were already scans that were shared by some known fans and translators of the hit anime and manga series.

On Twitter, Dragon Ball Super translator Yonkou Productions shared a special note from Toyotaro. The message suggests that he is going to divulge some huge secrets of the Universe 11’s strongest Pride Trooper. Fans asked the illustrator for Jiren’s reason of fighting and Toyotaro answered it with an exciting note, saying that it would be different from the anime version. Everyone knows that the manga is behind the anime, but everyone would love to know more about the muscular humanoid fighter.

“I’ll be losing this time as well (laughs)
Can you really say that life is fair? (laughs)
It will be different from the anime version
I’ll shed just a little bit of light on Jiren’s secret.”

Jiren The Grey has been suspected to be the mortal warrior that’s stronger than a God of Destruction, but Dragon Ball Super has yet to confirm this. It has been teased that his power levels the gods’ although it wasn’t stated if he exceeds them. What he does is meditation, which clears his mind and makes him so powerful in the battleground that no one can defeat him — not even Goku.

Some Dragon Ball Super fans suggest that meditation is the key to Jiren’s immeasurable power, which makes Goku vulnerable whenever they fight. The hero is used to fighting with deep emotions and has defeated his opponents because of his triggered feelings. As for Jiren, it’s exactly the opposite since the Pride Trooper fights without emotion, which is the result of his meditation.

Nonetheless, most Dragon Ball Super fans are still eager to know why Jiren is untouchable and remains formidable to this date. The anime has yet to answer these questions, but everyone might have to wait a little longer. However, if Toyotaro’s message turns out to be true, then the manga version is something that fans shouldn’t miss.

Jiren fights Super Saiyan Blue Goku
Jiren The Grey vs SSB Goku [Image by Phát Hữu | Flickr | Public Domain]Featured image credit: Phát HữuFlickr

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