‘Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Scott Puts Himself In Line Of Fire, Is Abby Pregnant? Who’s The Baby Daddy?

Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers tease that Scott (Daniel Hall) puts himself in the line of fire to protect Abby. Y&R spoilers for Friday, November 17, state that Zack (Ryan Ashton) holds a gun on Abby (Melissa Ordway) and Scott after he tracks them down to a motel. Scott might have to risk his life to protect Abby.

Abby And Scott Have Sex In The Storage Unit

Young and the Restless spoilers for Thursday, November 16, state that Abby and Scott have sex in the storage unit. They wake up shocked and can’t explain what came over them. Scott suggests he might confess to Sharon (Sharon Case), but Abby is adamant that what happened between them must not leave the room.

The two take their anger and irritation out on each other as they search the room, and Abby reveals that she is on birth control, according to spoilers via Soap Central. Abby finds a notebook listing the shady companies that Zack owns and the properties he uses for a safe house. She is shocked and Scott looks concerned.

Is Abby Pregnant? Who’s The Baby Daddy?

Abby’s statement that she is on birth control sounds ominous, and it has sparked speculation that she could soon find that she is pregnant. After having slept with Zack and then later with Scott, Abby might find that she is uncertain about the baby’s paternity. Some fans have pointed out that the fact that actress Melissa Ordway, who portrays Abby, is pregnant in real life makes it even more likely that fans will learn by Christmas that Abby is pregnant.

Abby And Scott Escape

Young And The Restless spoilers for Friday, November 17, reveal that Abby and Scott escape from the storage unit in which Zack locked them. Spoilers for Thursday, November 16, reveal that Sharon and Paul (Doug Davidson) arrive at the storage facility after Abby and Scott had escaped.

Y&R spoilers state that it was Dina (Marla Adams) who provided the clue that led Paul and Sharon to the storage facility. She recalled that Zack’s car had stopped at a storage facility with a sign “Roadside” in front. A quick search on the internet revealed the location, and Paul and Sharon race to the place.

Paul looks around when they arrive and finds clues which suggest that Scott used a dead cell phone battery to start a fire. The fire activated the sprinkler system and unlocked the door.

Zack Tracks Abby And Scott Down To A Motel Room, Holds A Gun On Them

Spoilers for Friday, November 17, state that Zack discovers that Abby and Scott escaped. He tracks them down to a motel and holds a gun on them. Zack enters the motel room as Scott hangs up the phone. He was likely trying to contact Paul. Abby is shocked and gasps in horror when she sees Zack.

Zack points the gun at them and smiles.

“Here we are again, Abby,” he says.

Zack is clearly concerned about the incriminating evidence that Abby and Scott found in the storage unit and wants to make sure they don’t leave with it.

Scott Puts Himself In The Line Of Fire For Abby

Young and the Restless November previews from Soap Opera Digest via SheKnows Soaps state that Scott puts himself in the line of fire for someone. Scott figuratively puts himself in the line of fire for Abby when he chases after Zack’s car and tries to rescue Abby but ends up trapped in a storage unit with her. He could also end up literally putting himself in the line of fire after Zack holds a gun on the two.

Scott won’t want to hand over the evidence that Zack demands, but he won’t have a choice when faced with a gun. He certainly won’t want to be shot, and he also has the responsibility to protect Abby. It is possible Zack decides he can’t let the two go after what they saw inside the storage, so he tries to get rid of them. It isn’t clear that Scott is armed but he could lunge at Zack when it appears he is about to pull the trigger. The two could struggle for the gun and Zack could end up suffering a fatal gunshot wound, while Scott is wounded. However, it is possible that Zack escapes.

Abby Returns Home Safely For Thanksgiving

Regardless of what happens after Zack holds a gun on the pair, Young and the Restless spoilers for the week of November 20 state that Abby returns home in time for Thanksgiving. CBS’ Young and the Restless spoilers via Daytime Royalty state that Abby joins the rest of the Abbot family for Thanksgiving. Members of the family, including Dina (Marla Adams), Abby, Jack (Peter Bergman), and Traci (Beth Maitland), put their differences aside to celebrate together, and Abby comforts Ashley (Eileen Davidson).

The Newmans also get together for Thanksgiving at the ranch. Thanksgiving spoilers from CBS state that Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) and Nick (Joshua Morrow) show up unexpectedly at the ranch for Thanksgiving.

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