Tyrese’s Troubled Finances Exposed, Actor Makes Instagram Account Private

Tyrese Gibson just can’t catch a break. The Fast and Furious star has recently set his Instagram account to private after several weeks of social media meltdowns. More bad news came for the star whose troubled finances were revealed to the world today.

Now, the 38-year-old actor has decided to keep his life a little more private. Tyrese still has over 9 million followers who can see his account, but outsiders have to request permission to view his posts.

The move to make his Instagram private came after friends urged the Transformers stars to stop oversharing on social media. Tyrese was even court-ordered to not speak about his daughter or his ongoing court case online, which he drew a fine line on several times.

TMZ also released details on the actor’s finances today, which Tyrese had also discussed on Instagram a few weeks ago. According to the news outlet, Tyrese is earning $105,868 a month. While that might sound glorious to the average American, the actor is reportedly spending $107,576 a month, essentially putting him around $1,700 in debt every several weeks.

The documents also obtained by TMZ claim Tyrese has around $884,658 in his bank accounts and owns property valued around $1.7 million. As the actor had also detailed on Instagram in the last few weeks, he owes big bucks to his lawyers. To come clean with his legal team, Tyrese needs to pay out $133,750.

Tyrese’s own personal financial struggles have caused the actor to create a charity in order to help other fathers fighting for custody to get reputable representation in court. The actor created a fund named after his daughter, Shayla. Shayla Rocks sells hoodies and T-shirts between $20 and $34.

Tyrese was involved in a child abuse case which his ex-wife, Norma Mitchell Gibson, brought against him back in August. On November 3, the court ruled in Tyrese’s favor and closed their investigation and he was never charged over Norma’s claims. The father swore he never laid a hand on his daughter.

The actor is still involved in an ongoing custody battle with Norma over Shayla. Tyrese claimed on Instagram that he hadn’t seen Shayla in months, which caused him to become hysterical in a video to his followers.

Page Six reported that Tyrese’s lawyer stood in for him in court on Monday regarding the custody battle. At the hearing, Norma’s attorney requested that Tyrese undergo a mental evaluation after his multiple social media breakdowns. Just before going private on Instagram, Tyrese claimed his breakdowns were due to “psych meds” which he has since flushed out of his system.

It’s also being reported that Tyrese has considered representing himself in court from here on out, possibly to prevent the lawyer bills from stacking up.

[Featured Image by Mike Windle/Getty Images]