Britney Spears New Album On The Way

Hot from her departure from X-Factor, Britney Spears is far from giving up the spotlight. Her music career has been a hugely successful one since the departure from her days as a Mouseketeer and up through her “not that innocent” era of growing up and getting more racy.

During a Twitter chat on Sunday, she told the world she’s “working hard. Collaborating with some new inspiring producers. Really focused on my music right now.”

Rumors of the new album have been steaming up for some time now. Songwriter Elijah Blake (Rihanna, Usher) opened up about hitting the studio with Spears in an interview with That Grape Juice.

Earlier this month, adding that another talent has collaborated on the project, Blake said:

“I would say it’s definitely the ‘unexpected’ Britney in so many ways, in that she’s playing with new textures and stomping on new grounds and genres … From talking to her, she’s definitely trying to push the envelope this time — and really talk from a more personal point of view, and with Rodney Jerkins by her side, I’m hella excited. You’re talking about Darkchild, the guy who changes music over and over again and never runs out of ideas. This album is gonna be crazy!”

Let’s just hope she isn’t going the Metallica route from their “Load” and “Reload” albums, completely changing what their fans expected them to even be. In their defense, or course, “Death Magnetic” was a return to the form we were familiar with, but I digress.

Spears recently joined Will I Am on his song, “Scream & Shout.”

The Black Eyed Peas frontman revealed why he’s always down to work with Spears:

“I would love to work with Britney again. She has great energy in the studio; she’s a sweetheart, a doll of an artist and just a kind, kind person. And when she’s in the studio, nothing matters but the music. So that’s a great experience to have and share with somebody that loves music.”

While Spears may be working on new music, one thing she isn’t planning is a Bollywood debut. After Indian filmmaker Sadanandan Lucsam said he was planning a little something for Spears in his next film, her rep quickly shot down his claims, says MTV News.

Britney Spears is still a pop star and will most likely continue for years to come.