‘Dragon Ball Super’ Spoilers: Universe 4’s Secret Weapon Stronger Than God Of Destruction Quitela?

Even before Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power started, there has been a long debate among fans about the mortal stronger than the God of Destruction. While Universe 7 was gathering all their fighters, Son Goku asked Whis about their chance of winning the Tournament of Power. The Angel didn’t give them a direct answer but said that there is a mortal existing in another universe who is stronger than the God of Destruction.

The God of Destruction of the said universe is more powerful than Beerus after defeating him in an arm-wrestling match. During his first fight with Son Goku, it was revealed that Jiren was the mortal stated in the rumors. However, Whis’ previous statements created confusions and hinted the possibility that the mortal that surpassed his God of Destruction is from another universe.

In Dragon Ball Super manga, it was confirmed that the God of Destruction who defeated Beerus in arm wrestling is Quitela of Universe 4. Though there is a slight difference between the storyline of DBS anime and manga, crucial information must be the same. Does Universe 4 have a mortal stronger than a God of Destruction?

Despite seeing the incredible power of Jiren, Son Goku, Hit, and Kefla, U4’s God of Destruction Quitela remains calm. Most universe who think they don’t have a chance to win must already be panicking, knowing that losing means being erased. Universe 4 could only be waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike and overturn the outcome of the tournament.

In the previous episodes of Dragon Ball Super, Omni-King Zeno and the High Priest allowed all the participating universe to use the Potara earrings. However, Universe 4 doesn’t think they still need to do the Potara fusion. According to Otakukart.com, Universe 4 fighters Damom and Gamisaras don’t need the Potara earrings to merge.

Like the Saiyans and Nameks, they have their own way of doing the fusion. There is also a strong possibility that they don’t need to fuse to defeat powerful fighters in the tournament of power. As Otakukart noted, Universe 4’s secret weapon is expected to cause big trouble in the tournament, and their special abilities could give them an advantage against powerful fighters like Son Goku and Jiren.

So far, it remains a mystery whether Universe 4 has a fighter in the tournament who is stronger than God of Destruction Quitela. Aside from the twin brothers Damom and Gamisaras, Shantsa might also soon enter the spotlight. Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power is nearing an end. All the universe must already be planning to use their trump card to survive and win the Super Dragon Balls.

Dragon Ball Super airs every Sunday morning in Japan. The anime is available in the West through streaming services such as FunimationNow and Crunchyroll.

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