McDonald's Customer Climbs Through Drive-Thru Window, Allegedly Helps Herself To A Soda And Food [Video]

A female suspect was caught on surveillance video allegedly climbing through a McDonald's drive-thru in Columbia, Maryland, and is now wanted by the Howard County Police who have offered a $500 reward for any information about the case.

The "squeeze-thru" (as some news media outlets have alternatively described it) incident in the Baltimore suburb occurred on November 5 at about 1 a.m., but detectives have just released an edited version of the footage in hopes that someone can identify the suspect. See the clip below.

In the late-night incident, the burglary suspect can be seen leaning in to the drive-thru window to help herself to a soda. Later, after climbing all the way into the fast-food restaurant and walking around the kitchen, she appears to pass a large box (allegedly containing food) through the open window to someone in the car.

According to the Baltimore Sun, cash was also taken from the McDonald's outlet by the so-called hamburglar in the Sun's terminology who was inside the store for about 30 minutes. It has yet to be determined if the restaurant was or was not open at the time, or where the staff was when this went down, if it was open. Cops also have not identified the vehicle or revealed whether there is security camera footage available from outside of the eatery. Please check back for updates on the investigation.

Fast-food restaurants are gradually rolling out self-service kiosks, but the industry probably never contemplated the kind of self-service depicted on the security camera.

As regular Inquisitr readers are aware, there have been various other instances of edgy behavior at the drive-thru unrelated to the above encounter in Maryland. Earlier this year, for example, a Minnesota woman allegedly sprayed mace on several Wendy's employees in a beef, as it were, over fresh-or-not french fries. The 25-year-old suspect who resides in a Minneapolis suburb was apparently concerned that her fries might be stale, which prompted an argument at the drive-thru window. A couple of years ago, a 16-year-old McDonald's employee in Louisiana was allegedly pulled by her hair through the drive-thru window by a female customer and then beaten by several others in the parking lot, according to local police, in an incident that perhaps gave a new meaning to a "takeout" order.

Watch the police video clip of the alleged McDonald's burglary in Columbia, Maryland.

[Featured Image by Gene J. Puskar/AP Images]