'General Hospital' Spoilers: Patient 6 Proves He Is The Real Jason, Doubts Sonny's Ability To Leave The Mob

General Hospital spoilers reveal more scenes between Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Patient 6 (Steve Burton) for the rest of the week. The mob boss immediately accepted the man to be the real Jason after their emotional reunion. Spoilers reveal that Patient 6 will continue to have the same insight the old Jason would have about Sonny's decision to leave mob life behind.

General Hospital spoilers for this week reveal that Sonny will help Patient 6 look for evidence against the current Jason (Billy Miller). Carly (Laura Wright) also embraced the man as the real Jason. In fact, she will do everything within her power to give him everything he lost in the past five years. The couple believes Patient 6 is the man he says he is. After Jordan revealed the two men shared the same DNA, Jason referred to Patient 6 as Drew.

Insight On Sonny's Character

While working with Sonny, General Hospital spoilers tease Patient 6 will learn about his plan to leave the mob life behind. Patient 6 pledged his loyalty to Sonny, and he will always be there to back up the mob boss. However, he feels cynical about Sonny's plan to leave the mob business. Classic Jason has always been Sonny's right hand. So, he has a lot of insight on the mob boss' character.

General Hospital spoilers spill that Classic Jason will find it hard to picture Sonny without the mob business. He will express his doubts about Sonny's ability to drop all his shady business and walk on a legitimate road. Patient 6's insight on Sonny's abilities is another proof of his identity. Although he will have doubts, Patient 6 will support Sonny's decision even if it involves leaving the dangerous life behind. General Hospital spoilers show that Patient 6 will help Sonny in trying to sever ties with the mob, and they will start making plans. Sonny promised Carly he will leave the mob life behind, but circumstances made it impossible to do it right away. With Patient 6 helping him out, Sonny might succeed.

Genuine Concern For His Loved Ones

Little details in General Hospital episodes keep on hinting that Patient 6's character is more similar to Jason's than Billy Miller's. Carly felt he was not taking an active stance on proving his identity. Carly thought it was best to intervene if classic Jason remained passive. Even Monica who promised to stand by current Jason had an emotional meeting with Patient 6. During the conversation, Patient 6 remained calm in professing he is happy with his life and he knows Monica loves him.
Between the two men, Patient 6 is more confident about proving he is Jason. He doesn't keep on badgering people to believe him like current Jason. Patient 6's reluctance about Sonny's road to a legit life, his genuine concern about his loved ones, and his attitude towards the investigation are all proof he is Jason.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Andre could shed more light on the investigation and Anna might also offer some evidence. There are new characters in town who might be behind the scheme. Frank Valentini teased that the twin storyline will continue for months. These clues could be a red herring or they could be small details to support Patient 6's identity. General Hospital spoilers also tease more complications and twists along the way.

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