Kim Kardashian Allegedly Left Surrogate Out Of 'KUWTK' Baby Shower Celebration: Fans Outraged

Kim Kardashian is rumored to have left her surrogate out of the baby shower celebrations she held in Los Angeles last weekend.

Kim and her family didn't hold back to post endless photos of the joyful occasion on their social media platforms, with friends and family members all in attendance to celebrate the forthcoming birth of Kardashian's third baby.

As previously revealed, Kim opted for a surrogate to carry her child due to complications she would have faced had she attempted to conceive naturally.

And while her surrogate has remained under the radar, for the most part, to reportedly offer the woman her privacy, fans have taken to social media, questioning whether the pregnant surrogate was even in attendance at the baby shower.

It would seem rather odd for Kim Kardashian to throw an event dedicated to the forthcoming birth without having the surrogate there, which is what one user wrote on his Twitter page, and others agreed.

It can easily be said that the surrogate was there but didn't want to be photographed, yet when looking at the dozens of photos guests had uploaded for fans to see, not once was there ever any mention of the surrogate.

There was also at no point where the surrogate came forward to introduce herself to Kim Kardashian's family and friends, giving fans all the more reason to believe that the mother-of-two threw a baby shower without the surrogate in attendance.

One user called Kim Kardashian a narcissistic celebrity, questioning how one can throw a baby shower without the birth mother at the actual event — it didn't resonate with him nor with a lot of other people, who deemed the party as "ridiculous" and "unacceptable."

Kim Kardashian has not commented on rumors that she didn't have the surrogate at her baby shower, but what the reality star has stressed in the past is that she is giving the unidentified woman full privacy because, for obvious reasons, she does not want to be caught up in the limelight.

The surrogate is believed to be staying at a Hidden Hills home that's paid by Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, and upon birth, she's expected to make a whopping $60,000.

[Featured Image by Rich Fury/Forum Photos]