Trump's Weird Water-Drinking Moment: Trump Sips From Fiji Bottle And Gets 11,000 Facebook Shares [Video]

President Donald Trump is getting a bunch of attention on social media — all because he took a drink of water. As seen in the video below from NBC News, Trump spoke from the White House as he caught the public up on his travels to Asia. During the long talk, Trump apparently got thirsty, so he dipped below his podium to search for water, but initially couldn't find any. Trump commented that there was no water, but he was soon corrected, with a voice calling out that there was indeed a bottle of Fiji water close to him.

Trump looked again and found the water, taking his time to carefully unscrew the top of the bottle so as not spill water on himself or his suit. Trump was in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House when the water-drinking incident occurred on Wednesday, November 15. The seemingly innocuous action of drinking water is being met with a lot of jokes on Twitter, seeing as though Trump gave Senator Marco Rubio of Florida a hard time for drinking water when Rubio spoke in 2013 as a response to former President Barack Obama's State of the Union address. Rubio even weighed in on Twitter about Trump pausing to drink water.

As reported by NBC News, Trump spoke in an animated fashion after returning from his trip overseas, which took him away from the U.S. for 11 days.

As seen on Facebook, news about Trump drinking his water in an awkward manner has been shared more than 11,000 times.

Not only did Rubio tweet jokingly that Trump needed to work on his form while drinking water and take the gulp of water in a single motion -- never breaking eye-contact with the camera -- others weighed in on Trump's water-drinking moment as well. One Twitter user wrote that Trump missed the opportunity to plug his own Trump Water.

Others joked that Trump was speaking about "America First...but first, Fiji." In spite of the lightness of the water bottle moment, Trump would not respond to more serious questions that journalists shouted after Trump's long speech was over. Reporters asked Trump about his thoughts on Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore, asking whether or not Trump believed Moore should drop out of the race.

Trump drinks water.
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