NFL Rumors: Denver Broncos May Land Tyrod Taylor As 2018 Starting Quarterback After Bills Bench Veteran

The NFL rumors have been connecting the Denver Broncos and Tyrod Taylor for a few years now, and suddenly, it looks as if the pairing might actually happen.

On Wednesday, the Buffalo Bills announced that they were benching Taylor in favor of rookie Nathan Peterman for the upcoming game against the San Diego Chargers. The move came as a surprise to many, given that the Bills are still 5-4 and currently holding a playoff spot in a very wide-open AFC, where the second wild card team could well have eight wins.

Taylor had struggled in the past two outings, especially Sunday's blowout loss to the New Orleans Saints when he threw for just 54 yards on 9-for-18 passing. But Taylor's stats hide some of his weaknesses, especially an unwillingness to make the more difficult passes and relying too heavily on check-downs to running backs.

As ESPN's Mike Rodak noted, Taylor appears to have reached his plateau as an average quarterback who will not lose games for a team but can't be counted on to win.

"Taylor is exactly what he appeared to be after his first two seasons: an average quarterback who misses throws from the pocket and checks down too often to underneath receivers, despite making the occasional dazzling play to escape pressure or elude defenders downfield as a runner. He rarely throws interceptions -- he has only three this season -- but he's also largely fallen short when trying to move the ball quickly and lead his team from behind in games."
The Bills had given Tyrod Taylor a contract extension prior to this season but had an out clause for this year; one that it appears likely they will use. That has sparked rumors across the NFL as to where he will land, with the Denver Broncos seen as a likely destination. It was the Broncos who ultimately offered Taylor more money when he first hit free agency as Joe Flacco's backup in Baltimore, but he chose to go with the Bills and a stronger chance to become a starter.
That chance to start could now come in Denver. As Broncos Wire noted, the team will need to start thinking about its starting quarterback in 2018 and no clear frontrunner has emerged. The team will give a look to Paxton Lynch for the rest of the season, but if he doesn't stand out, then the Broncos could pluck Taylor from free agency.

But the NFL rumors surrounding Tyrod Taylor still have time to grow, with a number of teams likely looking for a quarterback for next season. And if Peterman were to struggle as the Bills starter, they could still turn back to Taylor to lead what could be the first playoff push in 17 years.

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