Taylor Swift Sashayed Into Target After Dropping Heads-Up With Cat About Buying Her 'Reputation' (Video)

Taylor Swift has a tradition she follows after she releases a new album, and the people in a Target store in Nashville got to witness that tradition last night. Taylor's ritual has entailed hitting up a Target store to buy her new albums when they've come out in the past, and her latest album was not excluded in this long-practiced tradition.

Swift rolled out her own verbal red carpet when she tweeted her Target trip intentions out to her fans. She did this while sitting with her cat, Olivia. According to Billboard, she made her announcement via an "adorable selfie with her cat," but the cat was not allowed to see this tradition of a Target trip all the way through with Swift.

Swift made a video of her trip, which started with her entourage of dancers and singers springing out of the van at Target and "boogieing through the parking lot" and into the store where she could buy her latest album, "Reputation."

The play-by-play video of Swift and company making their way out of the vehicle, through the parking lot, and then into the store, offered up a reminder once they landed inside the building housing Target. According to Billboard, the "far-too-early Christmas displays" offered up a background as Swift and her entourage passed through looking for the "Reputation" album display.

"Reputation" hasn't been in the stores for quite a week yet, but already 1.o5 million copies have been sold in the U.S. as of today. If you are wondering where you can get your hands on a copy, just check out the posted videos, and it looks like Target, with its stand-alone tower of Swift's new CD, is the answer to that question.So, how did the fans react after looking up and seeing Taylor Swift as a Target shopper? Billboard said that the "Swifties" lost their minds. According to the Insider, Taylor Swift fans "absolutely lost it." Swift said she didn't have a quick trip to Target as she stayed a while and talked with her fans.

One of the people she came across showed her a picture of the two of them together from back in 2009 when she posed next to this fan during her "Fearless" tour. Swift took a look at the picture and said, "we were babies." Check out the video at the top of the article showing Swift's trip to Target last night.

[Featured Image by Chris Pizzello/AP Images ]