New York Mom Allegedly Drowned Her 10-Day-Old Baby Boy In Bathtub On Purpose

Authorities in upstate New York say a mom has been charged with murder after intentionally drowning her 10-day-old son in a full tub of water.

Writers for FOX 5 News report that 25-year-old Markiya Mitchell is facing second-degree murder charges after she admitted to drowning her infant son, Jeremiah Mitchell, in a bathtub at their Locust Street home on Monday.

Police reportedly responded to a call of an unconscious baby in the home on Monday, November 13, according to the New York Post. Upon their arrival, they discovered the young Jeremiah unresponsive and were told by Mitchell that he was found in that condition in the bathtub by a separate party. Upon further questioning by police, Mitchell ultimately confessed to filling the bathtub with around 10 inches of water and leaving the baby in it for up to two hours.

"The newborn was taken to Rochester General Hospital, where he was pronounced dead a short time later," FOX 5 News states about the baby's tragic ending.

In court documents related to the case, Mitchell admitted during police questioning to filling the bathtub with 10 inches of water and submerging 10-day-old Jeremiah in it on purpose to end his life.

"[When] being interviewed by investigators from the Rochester Police Department's Special Victim Investigations, she admitted to intentionally drowning Jeremiah in the bathtub with the purpose of ending his life," FOX Rochester reports.

Another adult was said to have located Jeremiah in the tub and called 911 on Monday, Democrat and Chronicle adds. Officers were called and arrived on-scene to the home around 2:30 Monday afternoon.

mom drowns baby
A New York mom reportedly drowned her 10-day-old baby in a bathtub. [Image by JazzIRT/iStock]

"Mitchell was [arraigned] on the murder charge Tuesday morning in Rochester City Court," Time notes, adding, "the name of the public defender assigned to her case wasn't available."

Mitchell pleaded not guilty during Tuesday's court arraignment. In her mugshot, Mitchell can be seen openly crying.

Police say a grand jury may eventually add more charges to Mitchell's case. Mitchell also has a 7-year-old child who is now, according to police, in the care of a family member. Authorities would not discuss the mom's mental state when she allegedly drowned her 10-day-old baby.

[Featured Image by Rochester Police Department]