Threat Of Donald Trump's Impeachment Just Got Very Real: House Democrats Make Their Move

Rumors that U.S. President Donald Trump could be impeached have been circulated for months, and that threat just became a very real threat to Trump's presidency. A total of six House Democrats have moved to impeach President Trump, and according to the Independent, they have singled out no fewer than five of Trump's actions that they claim are grounds for the president's impeachment.

The Democrats, led by Representative Steve Cohen from Tennessee, claim that Trump's firing of former FBI Director James Comey amounts to obstruction of justice, but this is just one area that they believe opens President Trump up to impeachment. The articles of impeachment are supported by Democratic Representatives Luis Gutiérrez [Illinois], Al Green [Texas], Adriano Espaillat [New York], Marcia Fudge [Ohio], and John Yarmuth [Kentucky].

As reported by Newsweek, Representative Cohen said that there were more Representatives in the House who would support President Trump's impeachment. Al Green added that he would force a vote on the impeachment process before Christmas. Cohen is introducing five articles of impeachment, alleging obstruction of justice, violations of both the foreign and domestic emoluments clause, undermining the federal judiciary, and undermining the freedom of the press.

As reported by Politico, Mr. Cohen first muted moves to impeach Donald Trump after his gaffe claiming that both sides were equally culpable for the violence at a far-right rally in Charlottesville last summer. Speaking earlier today, Cohen claimed that there are already sufficient facts in the public record to justify impeaching President Trump.

"There are already sufficient facts in the public record that warrant the start of impeachment proceedings in Congress. Given the magnitude of this constitutional crisis, there's no reason to delay. I said after Charlottesville I was going to bring impeachment charges. I've waited three months."
Steve Cohen Trump Impeachment
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It is perhaps ironic that the threat of impeachment comes just a few days after the first anniversary of President Trump's election victory.

The move by Cohen and his small cohort has not brought universal support, even within the Democratic party. House minority leader Nancy Pelosi has indicated that the latest move to impeach Donald Trump is premature. Pelosi has said that she prefers to await the outcome of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into the Trump campaign teams alleged collusion with Russia. Pelosi also said that impeachment proceedings against Trump should be based on fact rather than personal views on the president.

With Mueller's investigation rumored to be closing in on Trump's White House, the move by Cohen et al. may well prove to be premature.

It is interesting that the articles of impeachment claim that president Trump is undermining the freedom of the press. The news comes just as Trump launched another Twitter tirade against the New York Times. One thing is certain, with President Donald Trump around, politics will never be boring.

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