Carrie Prejean Has A Sex Tape…Must Stop Laughing

Former Miss California Carrie Prejean, outspoken anti-gay Christian spokesperson has….wait for it… a sex tape.

According to reports, Prejean and the Miss USA California pageant have dropped lawsuits against each other due to the presence of the sex tape, according to TMZ. The site claims that Carrie backed down from her multi-million dollar suit after a lawyer for the pageant showed her the tape.

An official statement only read that “Carrie Prejean, [pageant director] Keith Lewis, and K2 Productions [the pageant producers] have dropped their claim against each other and wish each other the best in their future endeavors.”

“We are moving forward from the past and looking towards the crowning of two winners and the new look of the upcoming Miss California USA pageant, telecast live on Nov. 22” the statement continued.

Sadly it would appear that the Carrie Prejean sex tape will probably remain unpublished as part of the deal, which is a shame really, I’m sure all the gay haters that are her fans would have loved it….well, presuming it didn’t show her with another woman.