Ann Coulter Turns On NRA: ‘When Asked If You Want Fewer Children Killed, Say Yes’

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter has apparently gone sour on the National Rifle Association, criticizing the group’s own Wayne LaPierre for his organization’s response to the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting two weeks ago.

Coulter appeared on MofoPolitics Friday to discuss the issue of gun control and to share what she thinks the NRA ought to be doing in the wake of the Newtown tragedy that resulted in the death of 20 children and six adults.

The Conservative firebrand specifically took aim at LaPierre for his weak performance on Meet the Press after the attack (during the now-infamous David Gregory high-capacity magazine fiasco). Coulter said that his defensive appearance did nothing to advance the goals of the NRA, nor did it add anything substantive to the other side of the gun control argument.

Coulter opined that LaPierre’s answer to the query regarding whether or not he wants to prevent more mass shootings should always be “yes,” and that he should have stuck to the perspective that more access to guns by law-abiding citizens could help prevent shootings like the one in Connecticut.

“The NRA needs a better spokesman,” Coulter remarked. “I was watching Wayne LaPierre on Meet The Press this weekend and — is he the only gun rights supporter who has not read John Lott‘s book?”

“There was hemming and hawing,” she continued. “The answer is — get this right-wingers, get this gun supporters — yes, yes, yes,” in reference to the question about preventing mass shootings.

She also made reference to the recent slew of subway pushings, submitting them as evidence that mental health needs to be addressed alongside gun control. “Can we lock some of these people up,” Coulter asked.

Listen to Ann Coulter’s attack on NRA chief Wayne LaPierre below, via Mediaite: