'Celebrity Big Brother US' Spoilers: Jessica Graf & Cody Nickson Might Join The 'CBBUS' Cast, CBS Insider Says

Celebrity Big Brother US spoilers tease that Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson could be a casting option. According to a CBS inside source via Twitter, Lance Bass refused to do the series. YouTuber Shane Dawson has allegedly agreed to join the cast. Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are reportedly in talks to join the series. Apparently, CBS will use Graf and Nickson as a backup option, in case the celeb negotiations fall through.

According to ET Online, Lance Bass would love to join the cast, but he won't due to financial reasons. Apparently, he was asking $10 million to join the cast, and CBS wouldn't pony up.

Spencer and Heidi have been in talks with CBS for a few months. Celebrity Big Brother US spoilers suggest that they would be an excellent fit for the show. They would create action-packed live feeds and know how to keep things interesting.

The fact that CBS is considering bringing Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson on for Celebrity Big Brother US is eyebrow-raising, to say the least. They had a fan base, but generally Big Brother viewers do not want to see BB alums on the celebrity version. They would like to see celebrities, whether it be reality TV or Youtube stars compete for the grand prize.

Celebrity Big Brother US spoilers suggest that CBS could be finding it hard to cast the season. Bass admitted that his reason for declining the offer was monetary, so it's possible that other celebrities will feel the same.

Kathy Griffin, a D lister that CBS cut ties with a few months ago, has expressed interest in joining the cast. It might be worth the risk, considering many CBBUS viewers have expressed interest in seeing her join the cast. She would keep it interesting, as long as she can stay off the topic of Donald Trump or Harvey Levin from TMZ.

Jessica and Cody are far from celebrities. Although Graf would like to consider herself an actress after her Bold and the Beautiful stint, many CBBUS fans would disagree.

CBS will release the casting announcement in late December to early January.

Celebrity Big Brother US will premiere on CBS in January.

[Featured Image by Johnny Vy/CBS Images]