Chelsea DeBoer Reveals She Doesn't Watch 'Teen Mom 2': What She Does On Monday Nights

Chelsea DeBoer is one busy mother of two. On Teen Mom 2, fans often see her running back and forth between Aubree's school and her home. She has told viewers indirectly that she's a stay-at-home mother while Watson is a baby. Of course, DeBoer has an education and is able to work in the beauty industry, but she's currently a stay-at-home mother. Cole DeBoer is working out of the home, and one can imagine that he's taking care of his family while she's at home. While Chelsea has gotten famous from starring on Teen Mom 2, the show isn't a priority in the home on Monday nights.

When the show is airing for everyone to see, Chelsea isn't watching Teen Mom 2. DeBoer and the other girls probably get an advanced copy of the show, so they can see the episode before it airs. This way, they can prepare themselves for any discussions that may take place. Fans will often see the girls reacting to the episodes during the day of the airing, expressing frustrations or anger if they feel they have been edited in the wrong light. According to a new tweet, Chelsea DeBoer is now revealing why she's not watching Teen Mom 2 with her fans.

"I don't! I usually watch it earlier in the day because it's on at the same time as RHOC," Chelsea revealed on Twitter when a fan asked her if she watched the show when it aired on MTV.

It sounds like the show already plays a major role in her life and maybe Chelsea doesn't want to make Money nights about her television role. Instead, it sounds like DeBoer finds Bravo shows very entertaining, as she admits to watching several of the Real Housewives shows. This could be why Chelsea has never really live-tweeted an episode. But if fans try to write her about a Bravo show on Monday night, there is a chance she may answer. Even though she isn't watching the show, it is possible that she's watching her Twitter timeline.

Chelsea DeBoer will be back on MTV next Monday for the season part of the reunion special. However, don't expect her to be live tweeting, as it airs at the same time as The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion special.

[Featured Image by MTV]