Terry Crews 'Good Morning America' Video: Actor Tells 'GMA' Adam Venit Deserved Head Punch After Crotch Grab

Terry Crews has spoken out against Adam Venit, describing what the actor said happened to him when he approached Venit to shake his hand when the Expendables star attended a party in February of 2016. As seen in the below video, Crews claimed that Adam left him feeling both "emasculated" and "objectified" when the top Hollywood agent allegedly reached out and directly squeezed Terry's genitals instead of shaking his hand.

Crews initially turned to Twitter to share what he says happened with Venit, but Terry went into more detail when interviewed by Michael Strahan on Good Morning America on Wednesday, November 15. Terry said that Adam initially began smiling and staring at Crews in a strange way after Terry arrived at the party with his wife, Rebecca King-Crews. Terry claimed that Venit stuck out his tongue in an overtly sexual manner, leaving Crews wondering if Venit was trying to be funny or crack a joke with the actor inside the crowded party.

Instead, the 49-year-old Crews said that Adam grabbed him and caused Terry to jump back and ask Venit what he thought he was doing. Venit continued to grab Terry, according to the famous actor, without apology. Crews said that he was so angered that he wanted to punch a hole in Adam's head. Crews ended up leaving the party with his wife to avoid further incidents.

According to the New York Daily News, Crews exposed Venit and spoke about the big-name stars the agent represents, including Adam Sandler, Sylvester Stallone, and Eddie Murphy.

Crews said that his wife warned him against striking out or trying to retaliate because being a large African-American man would make him a target for controversy. Crews claimed that if he would have hit Venit, he would've ended up "under the jail."

After the Good Morning America interview, the name Terry Crews is trending on Twitter.

Crews came forward after hearing the sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein — a movement that gave Terry PTSD, he wrote.

Terry Crews speaks about alleged sexual abuse.
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Terry has even filed a police report against Venit, according to Deadline. As seen in the top photo, Adam and Trina Venit spoke in 2016 in Beverly Hills, California.

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