'Alaskan Bush People': Rain Brown Shares Photo Of 'Sundog,' Some Fans Think Post 'Doesn't Sound Like Her'

Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown shared a photo of a "sundog" on social media on Tuesday, and some fans think the post "doesn't sound like" Rainy B. Along with Tuesday's photo, Rain Brown wrote a lengthy description of what a sundog is, which led to some drama among her Instagram followers. After one follower mentioned that the photo's caption didn't sound like Rainy B. "even wrote this," other followers joined in to prove that she allegedly didn't, while other followers defended Rain's alleged use of Google and Wikipedia to describe a sundog.

Billy and Ami Brown's youngest daughter, Rain Brown, 14, stays active on her Instagram account, often posting quotes, sharing selfie photos, and even giving Alaskan Bush People fans updates on her family. However, for some reason, Rain Brown's Instagram posts often turn into bickering among some of her nearly 40,000 Instagram followers, and Tuesday's seemingly innocent post of a sundog was no exception. Rain Brown captioned her photo on Tuesday by telling her followers that the photographed sundog is "only the second solar parhelion" she's ever seen.

Rain Brown went on to give her Instagram followers a lesson on sundogs with a detailed description and definition of what a sundog really is and what causes a sundog. According to Rain Brown, sundogs "are in the family of halos," sundogs "are caused by a refraction of sunlight by ice crystals in the atmosphere," and sundogs "are most commonly seen at the horizon." One of Rain Brown's Instagram followers noted that her description of sundogs sounded like a description "in a book" or on a "web page," which led to a few other followers pointing out that description had actually been taken from the sundog Wikipedia page.

Even so, most of Rain Brown's Instagram followers were just thankful that she had shared such a "beautiful sight," saying there's "no shame in using" search and there's "only so much information" in the world. One commenter even thanked Rain Brown for sharing what a sundog is, adding "learned something new today," while more than one comment shared that they've "never seen" a sundog before. ThoughtCo describes sundogs as "rainbows beside the sun," and one of Rain Brown's followers wrote what rainbows mean to them, saying that rainbows appear on "significant days after losing my son." Times News Online shares that sundogs have several meanings from folklore, Native Americans, and ancient Greeks.
"Old-timers say seeing sun dogs in the afternoon signal fair weather the following day."

"Native folklore also says that if you spot a sun dog while on a journey you will experience good luck and many rewards."

"The ancient Greeks believed that seeing sun dogs in the morning meant a storm was on the way."

Times News Online also shares that sundogs are most commonly seen "in the western sky," and Prairie State Outdoors shares that sundogs usually appear during the fall season when the weather is cool and "late in the afternoon."Rain Brown didn't tag her sundog photo on Tuesday with a location, and some of her followers wanted to know where she took the "beautiful pic." Although Rain Brown never revealed where in the U.S. she saw the sundog, the Inquisitr shared less than a week ago that Rain Brown and her family are back in California from Colorado, which is where the Brown family is supposed to be filming the next new season of Alaskan Bush People. One follower from Las Vegas, Nevada, told Rain Brown on Tuesday that "I have been noticing it all day here."

[Featured Image by Rain Brown/Instagram]