'General Hospital' Spoilers: Stone Cold Takes The High Road, Jake Doe Looks Like Bad Guy, Brother War Begins

General Hospital spoilers hint that the twin Quartermaine plot is about to explode. Stone Cold (Steve Burton) is taking the high road, and that just makes simmering former Jake Doe (Billy Miller) look worse. Even though it's totally understandable that new Jason doesn't want to lose his family, old Jason isn't trying to pull the rug out from under his twin. But what drives the coming Jason war is everyone else in Port Charles taking sides. New Jason feels betrayed by everyone he's come to love, and he blames Stone Cold. In the end, though, the brothers have to find a way to co-exist, but can they?

Carly and Sonny make things worse

General Hospital spoilers promise that when new Jason finds out Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) is pushing Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) towards Stone Cold, he'll be crushed. Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) is clearly on Team Stone Cold, and this week, we saw new Jason upset when Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) made it clear she sees him as Fake Jake and not the "real" Jason Morgan. With Carly pressing Sam to choose Stone Cold, new Jason is feeling the pressure from all sides.

New Jason gets an update on the investigation from Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner), according to new General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps. Curtis seems to be one of new Jason's few allies left in Port Charles, but at least he's loyal to the former Jake Doe. The latest GH spoilers from Soap Central promise next week that Carly makes accusations about the "real" Jason while new Jason decides he needs to spend time with his mom Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson).

Stone Cold takes high road, new Jason rages

What makes things worse on new Jason is that the angrier and more volatile he gets, the calmer and surer we'll see Stone Cold. That only further infuriates new Jason say new GH spoilers. He is spoiling for a showdown with his brother, but Stone Cold isn't that kind of guy. Unless someone is threatening his family, he'll remain calm and think through things carefully. Meanwhile, new Jason comes further and further unhinged when his loved ones don't have the answers he wants to hear.

Other upcoming General Hospital spoilers reveal that Monica, Sam and even Liz Webber (Rebecca Herbst) won't tell new Jason that they believe he's the "real" Jason. Sam and Monica tell him they love him, but they can't make him assurances about which twin he is because they are pretty sure he's Drew. But new Jason can't accept that. If he does, it means Jake Webber (Hudson West) and Danny Morgan (TK Weaver) aren't his, and neither is Aurora Media bought with Jason Morgan's money.

Q twins are two sides of the same coin

General Hospital spoilers promise lots more twin angst as this story unfolds. Jason is the calm, quiet type while Drew is the more emotional and volatile. They are very different but complement each other, if they would only give brotherhood a chance. If these two worked together, nothing could stop them! But, for now, GH spoilers predict their differences will keep driving them apart even though Stone Cold is willing to step back and let new Jason keep Sam, the kids, and his life.

This is an intriguing and complicated story but it is resonating well with GH fans. The latest ratings show the ABC soap is number one and growing in key demographics even if it's not yet top in overall viewership. The brewing war between the Q twins has everyone on edge, but General Hospital spoilers hint they'll have a breakthrough and do some bonding before it explodes. Catch up on Cassandra and Nelle's plotting, Oscar's dad revealed, Tamara Braun's shocking new role and all the latest General Hospital spoilers.

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