Kate Middleton: How The Duchess Truly Feels About Becoming The Future Queen Of England

Kate Middleton is set to take the throne alongside her royal husband, Prince William, in the future, and the couple is so popular among royal enthusiasts that there were rumors swirling recently that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would take the throne ahead of William’s father, Prince Charles.

This rumor has proven to be false, yet it is still exciting to think about what impact Kate and William will have as monarchs when their time comes. There is no question that fans of the couple are in great anticipation of that day; much like the masses are regarding the couple’s third baby arriving next spring. The question remains, however, what the royal star Duchess Kate thinks about her future role as queen.

Closer has reported on this via words from a friend of the couple who claims that Duchess Kate Middleton is “excited” but “nervous” about becoming Queen of England in her distant future. The publication relays the words of Kate’s pal.

“Kate is nervous about being the next queen of England, especially because balancing family and royal life is so important to her. But she’s excited about what the future holds.”

The source adds that although Middleton has been taking on more royal responsibilities as Queen Elizabeth II gets on in years and requires extra support, the Duchess has made it clear that her family will always remain a priority.

Additional sources close to Kate have indicated that should the royal have to choose between being there for her children or attending a royal engagement, that it would be the kids she puts first every time.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been steadily gaining praise for their insistence on making life as royals as “normal” as possible for their children and are succeeding daily in melding the centuries-old traditions of the monarchy with more modern decisions for their children and their own personal happiness.

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Prince William and Kate Middleton are sure to be fantastic monarchs when the time arrives, but in the meantime, they are settling into life at Kensington Palace and excited to soon welcome their third child.

Recently, Kate had experienced severe morning sickness, yet the latest reports indicate that Middleton is over the worst, which is why the Duchess has been able to attend various events.

As People reports, Middleton’s most recent appearance was at Hornsey Road Children’s Centre, where the Duchess gave her support to fellow expectant mothers. The event had been rescheduled from an earlier September date due to the sickness Kate was experiencing at the time.

Kate Middleton is wished the best over the remainder of her third pregnancy and while she continues to blaze a new path in royal tradition.

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