Janet Jackson Weight Loss Sizzles On Instagram: How She Shed 100 Post-Baby Pounds Amid Divorce

Janet Jackson has turned Instagram into a celebrity weight loss platform, flaunting her stunning 100-pound weight loss in photos that highlight her whittled waistline. The 51-year-old songstress took some time off to welcome her first child, Eissa Al Mana, and then focused on slimming down and shaping up for her new tour, reported E News.

"Janet Jackson is looking better than ever almost a year after welcoming her first child."
But there's heartbreak over her marriage, as well as happiness from her child, in Janet's life. Jackson is coping with divorce proceedings even as she succeeds in impressing her fans with her weight loss success. Janet and her son's father, Wissam Al Mana, began their relationship in 2010. He was her husband for five years before she started the divorce process.

Janet Jackson Succeeds With Focusing On Weight Loss Despite Divorce Challenges

Flaunting her newly slim figure on Instagram and the stage, as well as at events, Janet started her State of the World tour in September. After her son was born in January, Jackson enjoyed a maternity leave prior to focusing on her weight loss. An insider told E News about the singer's success in September.
"[Janet Jackson] has lost close to 100 pounds. She is working out religiously and eating right."
Since then, Janet has succeeded in boosting her weight loss even more, another insider revealed to E News. Jackson has worked closely with a nutrition specialist and physicians, as well as her personal trainer to transform her body.
Janet's Instagram fans went wild for her photos of her transformation.
"You are one gorgeous, classy woman, Miss Janet."
Many fans called Jackson "amazing" and "beautiful" as she flaunted her slim figure. Another source told E News that the songstress' weight loss results from dieting and transforming her mental attitude toward food.

Janet Jackson Transforms Mind & Body: New Weight Loss Diet

The insider described Janet as "happy" and "very confident" about the appearance of her body. Working intensely with her trainer and nutritionist, Jackson typically exercises early in the morning. The songstress has succeeded in controlling her tendency to be an emotional eater.

"She continues working hard with her trainer and also her nutritionist," added the source. "Janet has been eating clean and staying away from unwanted fatty foods. She [was an] emotional eater but has really changed those habits."

As the Inquisitr reported, despite reports of plastic surgery, a low-carb diet of lean protein and vegetables combined with juicing and a "super cleanse" are the keys to the weight loss success enjoyed by Janet. Jackson also has become involved with a variety of fitness approaches.

Janet Jackson Enjoys Yoga, Meditation, And Baby Bliss

As part of her tour, Janet dances regularly. But the singer isn't limiting herself to dance rehearsals when it comes to improving her body and mind with exercise. The source revealed that Jackson has also taken up two different forms of fitness, as well as meditation, focusing on clearing her mind and balancing her life.
"Her mind is clear and she works every day on having a balanced life. She does yoga/meditation and Pilates."
While diet and exercise are earning credit for Janet's stunning transformation, E News pointed out that "the way you feel inside also affects the way you look on the outside." The second insider revealed that Jackson is experiencing great joy in raising her son."Eissa is her life," said the source. "She loves that baby so much."

Newly Slim Janet Jackson Begins Her Life Again With Baby And Without Husband

Even when Janet has to be away from her son, she talks about him, according to the insider. And despite the demands of her tour, Jackson "incorporates her baby in almost everything she does," added the source.
"Janet is a very hands-on mother. She loves being a mom."
Reconnecting with family and friends after her return to the United States, Jackson reportedly is energized and optimistic about her future. One of the publication's sources described Jackson as "enjoying her life to the fullest" as she raises her child and ends her marriage.

"She is in a whole different mind space then before," summed up the insider.

Janet Jackson became a celebrity weight loss winner by losing 100 pounds after welcoming her baby.
Janet Jackson became a celebrity weight loss winner by losing 100 pounds after welcoming her baby. [Image by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP Images]

Janet's baby has changed her life. The source said that Jackson is cherishing "a new beginning." Her friends and family reportedly have noticed the changes since leaving her husband.

"She is in a much better place without her husband. She has lost so much weight."
As Janet focuses on leading a healthy lifestyle and bringing up her baby, she reportedly has changed her communications with her estranged husband. Jackson now communicates with her ex only if it affects their son, keeping their discussions "to a minimum," revealed the insider.

Reflecting on the changes in Janet's life, another source told E News that the songstress "feels like she has broken free from her old life and is slowly starting over." Jackson's baby has given her a new beginning, and Janet reportedly wants to share her happiness with her fans.

"She wants to connect with her fans again and make her concerts something that her fans will remember and love," added the insider.

Jackson will finish her tour on December 17 in Atlanta.

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