Jenelle Evans Deleting Endorsement Posts: Is She Losing Money Thanks To 'Teen Mom 2' Scandal?

Jenelle Evans announced that she would be stepping back from her social media activities to focus on her family after she learned that MTV had decided to show an episode of her partner exhibiting abusive tendencies. Evans wasn't happy with the way she and David Eason were portrayed, as producers decided to edit the episode to make it appear that Kaiser was crying out for food and attention. Jenelle revealed she would be quitting Twitter for a while to focus on her family, and she revealed that her role on Teen Mom 2 was up in the air. She would consider returning if MTV decided to show her some respect.

Her decision to step back from Teen Mom 2 and Twitter may have had some financial consequences. While she was active on both, Evans would often share promotional posts. However, it sounds like she's slowly starting to pull those ads back. Over the past 12 hours, Evans has deleted several promotional posts on Instagram, and she has shared no promotional posts on Twitter after her return a few days ago. According to her Instagram page, Jenelle Evans is deleting promotional posts that could have earned her some money. It's possible that she isn't making any money from the posts, as she's not sharing them on all of her social networks.

As of this writing, the last endorsement post she made on her Instagram page was made in late October, where she endorsed Flat Tummy Tea. It is possible that this post will also be deleted. Usually, these promotional posts are paid, which means Jenelle Evans would make a certain amount of money for sharing the posts based on her follower count. Since she's limiting her sharing abilities and only sharing on Instagram, the companies may not be willing to pay her the amount she had previously earned. She has deleted two posts that she has shared in the past couple of days, including one for health supplement pills and a post about an app that catches cheaters. It is possible that she's losing money from these sponsored posts because she's distancing herself from the show and her fans.

It is possible that Jenelle Evans won't be back for another season of Teen Mom 2. Only time will tell what she decides to do.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]