Recent Daniel Bryan Medical Tests Results Revealed, Is He Going To Wrestle Again?

Daniel Bryan is currently doing a great job as the general manager of SmackDown Live. Bryan retired from wrestling last year after WWE doctors refused to let him perform again due to concussions and head injuries. However, Bryan is still pursuing clearance outside the WWE and his recent medical tests results were revealed.

In an interview with Busted Open Radio(h/t Wrestling Inc.), Bryan was asked about his future once his WWE contract expires in September next year. The 35-year-old legend noted that he wants to wrestle again and he is willing to undergo a lot of medical tests just to get clearance. Bryan expects to get back in the ring once more positive results come in. He added that his health is even better than the average person.

"All the tests that I'm taking are all saying that not only am I good, but better than your average person who's never had any concussions," Bryan said. The former WWE World Heavyweight champion has been teasing his return to the ring and he is open to wrestling in a different promotion once his WWE contract ends. If cleared, Bryan can work for other wrestling promotions such as Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerilla, and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Daniel Bryan is the general manager of SmackDown Live.
Daniel Bryan cuts a promo in an episode of SmackDown Live. [Image by WWE]

Daniel Bryan also talked about wanting to wrestle The Miz during their intense feud last year. There was considerable heat between the two superstars and there were even rumors of the match happening. However, nothing happened as The Miz got drafted to Monday Night Raw. Bryan even noted that he would have loved wrestling Sami Zayn after their intense segment two weeks ago.

"I just did an interview in the ring with Sami Zayn a couple of weeks ago and you know that we could just go out there and the crowd would eat it up and it would be awesome. And the same thing with the Miz last year. There's that very real disdain between the two of us that we could have really made something special. So missing out on those little things, part of me dies inside."
As recapped by, Bryan returned to WWE television on Tuesday after an attack by Kane two weeks ago. The SmackDown Live general manager was hyped and excited for Survivor Series. Bryan is staying in ring shape just in case he gets medically cleared by doctors and passes more test.
Daniel Bryan also mentioned in his interview that if ever a medical test will come back negative, he won't be going against it because of his family. Bryan has been married to Brie Bella since 2014 and they have one daughter together named Birdie Joe born earlier this year.

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