Maci Bookout Reveals How Caring Bentley Is As A Brother: Still Wanting More Children?

Maci Bookout is currently raising three children and she seems to be very proud of everything she has accomplished as a mother. This Teen Mom OG star is often referring to her oldest son Bentley as being her pride and joy, as he was the one who started everything for her when she was just 16 years old. She filmed 16 & Pregnant where she gave birth to him. Since then, Maci has raised him to be a young man in many ways and she's now revealing how caring he is. Maci didn't marry Ryan Edwards, but recently married Taylor McKinney - a man she has two children with.

Even though they don't share the same father, Bentley sees Jayde and Maverick as his siblings. On Instagram, Maci recently shared a photo of Bentley reading a story to Jayde and it truly showed how great of a brother he is. According to a new Instagram post, Maci Bookout is now revealing how much she loves her son and she makes reference to her husband's t-shirt company, Things That Matter. For Bookout, things that matter are her children and how they are there for one another. Clearly, Bentley is proving to be quite the big brother.

Since Maci Bookout's son is present with his siblings and is there to lend a hand when Maci needs help, it makes sense that she would want another baby. On Teen Mom OG, Maci has expressed an interest in having another baby, even though Maverick wasn't a planned pregnancy. She was feeling a bit off and she claimed she had gained weight. When she went to the doctor, she learned she was pregnant. Maybe she's ready for a fourth baby now that Maverick and Jayde are a bit older. Fans have talked about how it looks like she's already pregnant, but Bookout hasn't announced anything yet. She may be waiting to talk about a potential pregnancy until the Teen Mom OG film crew is there.

Maci Bookout will return to MTV later this month for another season of Teen Mom OG. Perhaps she will talk about her plans to get pregnant when the show returns in late November.

[Featured Image by John Phillips/Getty Images]