Scott Disick To Reportedly Dump Sofia Richie, 'Selfish' Model Telling Friends He's Her Husband Amid Romance

Scott Disick has reportedly had enough of Sofia Richie, and that's just two months after the two were said to have started seeing one another.

According to Radar Online, Scott is sick and tired of the 19-year-old, for she has not only shown little interest to the reality star's needs but also because she's been flaunting their romance to friends, calling him her "husband."

Sources tell the publication that Scott Disick doesn't appreciate how Sofia has been handling the fame in the relationship, and she's proven herself to be too attached for the liking of the father to three children.

She's "annoying the sh** out of Scott," the sources explains, revealing that the aspiring model has made it a pattern to tell her friends about the plan she has with Scott without even talking to him beforehand.

One of the things that triggered quite the annoyance in Scott Disick was when Richie reportedly told family and pals that she was planning on moving in with the self-proclaimed sex addict, which her beau had never agreed to.

Things are moving way too fast for Scott right now, and he desperately wants to slow things down before he ends up pulling the plug and calling it quits for good, the outlet notes.

Disick just "isn't happy around her anymore," it's further being claimed, with Radar Online stressing how Sofia has shown little to any interest in Scott's actual feelings.

As fans would know, Scott Disick has allegedly battled substances abuse in the past and the 19-year-old seemingly couldn't care less. She supposedly hasn't shown any actions that would make it seem like she's trying to keep Scott on a clear path in his hopes to stay sober.

The relationship is doomed, no matter how hard Scott Disick may want to try and make it work.

It's said that the couple will break up sooner than later and it'll be Scott's decision because he would have gotten to the point where he simply can't deal with the socialite any longer.

Kourtney Kardashian, his ex-girlfriend, and mother of his children had warned him prior not to date a 19-year-old, but Scott reportedly refused to listen.

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