Jackson Kidnapping Case Dropped Due To Unwillingness To Cooperate With Police

Earlier this year, Katherine Jackson went missing and Michael’s kids were allegedly almost kidnapped by other members of the family due to claims of fraud in Michael’s will.

According to CinemaBlend, every member of the Jackson family had something to say about the situation back then. But now that that police want to talk about everything that happened, none of them are saying a word.

In fact, according to DigitalSpy, police officers have been forced to drop the attempted kidnapping case against many of the Jackson family members because not one of them agreed to talk to the police.

Reportedly, most of the Jackson family members didn’t even bother to call the officers back.

Authorities just didn’t have enough evidence to proceed with the case, because the poor quality video (shown below) only shows a small skirmish among family and Janet trying to take a phone away from Paris.

This was not sufficient enough evidence to move on with the kidnapping case.

The Jackson family members have not publicly stated why they decided not to cooperate with police, but they more than likely didn’t hash things out and come to an understanding so quickly.

No matter the reason why, the whole fiasco was a media circus that could have been prevented. It doesn’t do anyone in the family any good to cause such a ruckus.

At this point in time, it does not look like anyone in the Jackson family will cooperate with the police, but if anything changes … we will keep you updated.