Perrie Edwards Annoyed By Zayn Malik, Gigi Hadid 2-Year Anniversary Celebration After Nasty Split

Perrie Edwards clearly didn't seem too happy about the two-year anniversary celebration Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid earlier this week.

The singer, who seemingly also happened to date Malik for two years, is annoyed by the news that the couple has moved past the two-year mark because friends and fans have asked her how she felt about it.

According to Hollywood Life, Perrie Edwards, in her own supposed opinion, couldn't care less about Gigi or Zayn — she's moved on a long time ago with new boyfriend, Alex Chamberlain, so to even hear her ex-boyfriend's name makes her feel awkward.

Supposedly, according to the source, the only reason why Perrie Edwards has been left annoyed and somewhat angered by the two-year anniversary is that people have consistently asked her to give her thoughts about it.

The insider explains that some of Perrie's closest friends questioned her about it and she had absolutely no response other than to ask her pals not to ask her anything about past lovers.

Edwards took the breakup with Zayn extremely difficult, particularly since they were engaged at the time and had been planning to get married for months prior to the sudden split.

It goes without saying that Perrie Edwards was head over heels in love with the 24-year-old, who abruptly called it quits, leaving the singer heartbroken and evidently making it hard for her to move on from something she thought would last a lifetime.

So now that she has finally reached the point where she can move on and find love again, it seems odd that people, especially those closest to her, would ask her what she makes of Zayn and Gigi's relationship.

Perrie has no thoughts or a comment to make on the matter, especially not in public.

From how the source worded it, she's moved on with her life and would want others to do the same. Zayn is history to her.

News of Perrie Edwards feeling annoyed by comments regarding her ex-boyfriend's relationship comes just weeks after her group, Little Mix, announced they are in the works of putting together their newest album, set for a release sometime in 2018.

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