Calvin Harris Slams Taylor Swift 'Getaway Car' Diss Track, Wishes She Was Honest About Split

Calvin Harris hasn't had all that much fun listening to Taylor Swift's new album, Reputation, according to reports.

The music producer is annoyed and angry over one particular song that seems to have been written by the former country singer with him in mind.

Hollywood Life claims that Calvin Harris is certain with "Getaway Car," one of the songs on the new record, being about him.

On the track, Taylor talks about being in a relationship and needing a reason to get out because she was no longer in love with that significant other.

Of course, when looking back at the time of Calvin Harris' split with Swift, he famously said that the singer had dumped him via a text message and moved on with Tom Hiddleston just two weeks later.

Hearing Swift's new song instantly brought back bad memories of their split for Calvin Harris, who sources tell Hollywood Life is completely baffled by what the hitmaker says in the choice of words.

Calvin Harris wishes that Taylor had just been upfront with him as opposed to letting him off easy with a text message that seemed to have been completely unrelated as to why she was leaving him.

While Harris has moved on with his life, he's not happy that he now knows his ex-girlfriend was never honest with him on why she wanted to part ways with him, and not to forget that he had no idea she was going to talk about it on her new album.

In the beginning of the breakup, Calvin Harris was very much distraught and publicly showed his support for Katy Perry, whom he ended up collaborating with that very same year, in what seemed to be a kickback at Taylor.

Swift, however, is enjoying the success of the song and her album, which is poised to sell a stunning 1.3 million in its first week on sale.

Music data analytics show that Swift's latest record had already shifted 925,000 copies in the first three days with it being on sale.

Calvin Harris better prepare himself because the catchy song, which he believes is about him, could soon be heading to radio.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]