End Of Days: Police Worried About FLDS Mass Suicide Incident

Warren Jeffs, the jailed polygamist leader, has Colorado and Utah law enforcement officers reportedly concerned about a potential “End of Days” mass suicide incident. Even though Jeffs is service a life sentence in Texas, his jailhouse declaration that the world will end before 2013 begins has caused concerns for police officers in the towns where his followers reside.

The Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints (FLDS) leader declared an apocalypse will happen before the New Year, according to CNN. Fears of either violence or a mass murder/suicide are keeping both Colorado and Utah officers on high alert this New Year’s Eve.

Private Investigator Sam Brower, who has worked with former Warren Jeffs’ followers, had this to say about the End of Days prophecy:

“Jim Jones. Koresh. History has shown us that these things happened when religious zealots take charge of a group of people.”

The FLDS grocery store in Colorado City recently closed. The super market was not only the only place in town residents could purchase groceries, but it was also reportedly used as a meeting place for Warren Jeff’s flock. The shuttering of the grocery store has been viewed by some as evidence that the polygamist sect is preparing for the end of the world.

Former Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints member Isaac Wyle had this to say about the doomsday concerns when speaking with KUTV:

“It’s just Warren whipping them up into another frenzy to gather money.”

Wyle also claimed that Jeffs would ultimately blame his church members for not being faithful when the world doesn’t come to an end before the clock strikes midnight on the final day of 2012.