Is Amy Roloff Engaged? 'LPBW' Fans Notice Mysterious Ring Amidst Latest Controversial Post

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff might have found love immediately after her divorce, but over time, the Roloff matriarch has managed to get on the bad side of some social media users. These days, even Amy's most innocent posts are subjected to cruel and ad hominem comments, quite frequently at that.

Amy's most recent post on Instagram was no different. In her latest social media upload, the Roloff matriarch plugged products from FabFitFun, a company that distributes special gift boxes to customers. True to form, some of Amy's Instagram followers did not appreciate the Roloff matriarch's latest enterprising upload.

As noted by Cafe Mom, several Little People, Big World fans felt that Amy's Instagram page was getting a bit too commercialized. Others were more cruel, accusing Amy of being a sellout.

"Ah Amy, never thought you would sell out in this way," one commenter wrote.

"Amy, respectfully I don't like the fact that your page is being commercialized too much, I visit to see you, your life, not to buy stuff," wrote another.

In a lot of ways, it is a bit shocking to see how much flak Amy receives with every social media post that she shares. Apart from being bashed for being enterprising, the Roloff matriarch is also subjected to offensive, ad hominem attacks, many of which are directed towards Amy's appearance or clothing choices. It is quite unfortunate, but Amy Roloff seems to have become a popular target for cyber bullies.

Interestingly, none of this online abuse happens to her husband, Matt Roloff. Since the divorce, Matt has been moving on with a new flame as well. Just like Amy, the Roloff patriarch commands a formidable social media following. Over the years, however, the reaction of Matt's social media followers to his uploads have been mostly positive.

Not everything about Amy's most recent Instagram post was filled with vitriol, however, as many of the reality TV star's social media supporters noticed something interesting among Amy's accessories. As could be seen in Amy's most recent upload, the Roloff matriarch seems to be wearing a solitaire ring on her right ring finger.

Unsurprisingly, Amy's new accessory has managed to get many Little People, Big World fans incredibly excited. While the ring was on her right hand, the fact that the accessory seems to be a solitaire ring set in white gold seems indicative that something very significant has recently happened to the Roloff matriarch's love life. After all, the ring that Amy was wearing on her most recent Instagram photo looks a lot like a traditional engagement ring.

"You do what you want @amyjroloff. Don't let these people bully you. And what about that RING?" one commenter gushed.

"RING????" another LPBW fan wrote.

Overall, it is difficult to be certain if Amy has gotten engaged. For one, Amy shares quite a lot in social media. Thus, if she did get a proposal from boyfriend Chris Marek, there is a good chance that the Roloff matriarch would immediately share the news on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

Then again, considering the amount of vitriol Amy has received with every post that she uploads, it would not be surprising if the Little People, Big World star has decided to hold off on her important personal announcement. It is better, after all, to enjoy a few days' worth of peace before dropping such huge news to her increasingly volatile social media followers.

[Featured Image by Amy Roloff/Facebook]