Tiny Harris Bonding With T.I. Over Xscape Reunion: Why They Called Off Divorce After Cheating Claims

Tiny Harris is back with T.I., and this time she’s hoping that it’ll be the last time she’s filing to divorce the rapper.

According to Hollywood Life, the couple has found their spark in one another again, and that’s after a long break the two had taken from each other following claims that T.I. had stepped out of the couple’s marriage on multiple occasions.

Back in December, Tiny Harris has insinuated that infidelity played a part in her reason why she ended up pulling the plug and wanted to move on with her life.

The divorce filing led to a separation between the two that lasted well into the summer, during which time T.I. was said to have started a relationship with Instagram model Bernice Burgos.

In an odd turn of events, Tiny Harris actually found it in herself to talk with her then-estranged husband in the hopes that they can make things right and give their love another try.

It was fairly evident that neither one of them had fallen out of love and that there were feelings that were more prominent than those that T.I. had shared with Burgos, evidently leading to their reconciliation.

And now that Tiny Harris is focused on making her music comeback with the reunion of Xscape, Hollywood Life claims that it has definitely helped push their relationship back into the right direction.


Now that they are both busy with music, the two are said to be bonding over their studio sessions and the similarities they are sharing when it comes to promotional work, touring, and interviews.

T.I. loves how dedicated Tiny Harris has been to her career all while juggling motherhood and being a wife — she’s proven herself to be quite a strong woman and it goes without saying that the rapper is appreciative of it all.

The couple both hope that the divorce filing back in December was the last time they would go through such a devastating process.

Though Tiny Harris seemed sure she was going to call it quits for good at the time, she seems to have found something in T.I. that gave her the impression he’s serious about their reconciliation this time around.

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