‘Dragon Ball Super:’ Fans Ranting How Transformations And Fusions Have Become

Dragon Ball Super this week reintroduces the iconic Ultra Instinct transformation and the Potara Fusion. The Super Saiyan transformations and Potara Fusions are historical symbols of the Dragon Ball world, making it the pinnacle of every Dragon Ball series dating back in 1991’s Dragon Ball Z when Goku first transformed to Super Saiyan One in the Frieza Saga, and when Shin and Kibito revealed the first Potara Fusion. Apparently, these transformations had made the Dragon Ball franchise so interesting that up until now fans are still hooked with its amazing contents.

In the current arc of Dragon Ball Super, the Tournament of Power, limits are no longer an issue. In fact, most of the characters surpass such bounds in a short amount of time, leaving fans wondering how did it become, or questioning such possibilities. Unfortunately, the fast pace series of breaking limits earned unfavorable responses in some of the Dragon Ball Super supporters. Even though the agenda of the current arc aims to picture characters breaking their boundaries regarding strength and capabilities, the creators of the hit anime series received such unlikely critics.

Upon writing this article, we searched multiple platforms where Dragon Ball Super supporters interact and exchange ideas and opinions about recent episodes and much more. Surprisingly, we discovered random rants from fans about how poorly Dragon Ball Super creators wrote the Tournament of Power, and how power levels twisted the trademarks of the Dragon Ball franchise. Is it really just a gimmick? Or, is it a new way to introduce the evolving storyline of the Dragon Ball world?

Looking into a more in-depth validation on why some fans disliked the current the standpoints of the show, it primarily boils down to how quickly power levels are achieved and how events shift into a downward spiral. Take Goku and Kefla’s battle for example. It’s a bit of a cringy moment when the use of the Potara Earrings was easily prohibited due to Zeno’s amusement over fusions, and how a single hit triggered the Ultra Instinct out of Goku. Some fans believe this is too shallow, to begin with, and the outlines are just too vague to accept.

In the archives of Dragon Ball’s epic battles, Saiyans get beaten down to its core before unlocking a whole new transformation. But, in Dragon Ball Super, it only takes a single blow. Now, these speculations lead fans to wonder, is the show plainly just to show off shiny battles and transformations leaving its heritage out of the window? Here is a video from Youtube about a fan ranting to the recent episode of Dragon Ball Super.

[Featured Image by Marcelo Silk Screen | Flickr | Cropped and Resized | Public Domain]