Projectile Vomiting Robot: Machine Helps Scientists Study Norovirus

A robot by the name of “Vomiting Larry” is currently helping scientists study how norovirus spreads among human beings in a most unusual way.

Outfitted with a “vomitus substitute,” the machine is programmed to project the substance onto a nearby wall. According to Reuters, scientists said they are able to analyze reach and spray patterns typically associated with projecting vomit.

The norovirus, which can cause sudden and violent bouts of vomiting and diarrhea, can live for quite a while outside of the human body. Since bits of vomit can be invisible to the naked eye, sometimes they go unnoticed when hospital staff is cleaning a patient’s room.

The projectile vomiting robot named Larry upchucks a special kind of material that allows scientists to see just how far and wide these expulsions can travel. After carefully analyzing data, it was determined that bits of sick can spray upwards of three meters.

According to BBC News, Professor Ian Goodfellow has devoted the past decade to studying norovirus. In his opinion, the so-called “Winter vomiting bug” is one of the most well-designed viruses currently making the rounds.

“Norovirus is the Ferrari of the virus world,” he explained.

Goodfellow said that most people can shake the effects of the virus within a matter of days. In fact, preventing it from spreading from one person to the next is as easy as washing your hands. However, scientists have yet to find a cure for norovirus despite 40 years of valiant efforts.

He added that, while people can get over the bug rather quickly, scientists are stumped on how to prevent people from catching it in the first place. However, Avian Flu Daily reports that researchers are currently making strides in keeping the virus contained thanks to HSL’s Occupational Hygiene Unit’s machine.

With the help of an unusual robot named Vomiting Larry, scientists are taking measures to stop the virus from spreading in medical facilities. The efforts of one determined robot are helping to make the world a cleaner place.