Cleveland Cavs Rumors: LeBron James NBA Trade Not Out Of Question If Team Struggles Continue?

As the Cleveland Cavaliers have struggled early this season, rumors of a big NBA trade may arrive with the team looking to boost their roster. The Cavs already were part of the blockbuster trade this offseason that sent All-Star guard Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics. They’ve also picked up veteran stars Dwyane Wade and Derrick Rose, neither of whom have been huge successes for the roster. The team is also dealing with injuries, including one that has kept another All-Star away from the court this season. With all that’s been affecting the Cavs, it’s being said that an NBA trade involving LeBron James isn’t too hard to fathom if the team continues their limited success this season.

Would the Cleveland Cavs dare trade King James, though? He’s been the catalyst for recent success in Cleveland, but also has been the one who seems to get big moves made on his behalf. According to NESN‘s Adam London, as the team awaits their offseason acquisition Isaiah Thomas to make his debut, they might consider trading away one of their top stars or assets. Those would include the top draft pick they acquired in the Kyrie Irving trade, power forward Kevin Love, or, yes, even “The King” LeBron James. At least one rival team’s executive believes that even James isn’t considered a core holding anymore.

LeBron James and Cavs 7-7 to start nba season
LeBron James and the Cavs are 7-7 so far this NBA season. [Image by AP Images]

That rival team executive told Howard Beck of Bleacher Report their thoughts on the Cavs’ situation.

“I think the pressure gets pretty high. If it’s not working, they should either move the (Brooklyn Nets) pick or (Kevin) Love or LeBron. Those should all be on the table.”

While that may shock some fans, it’s not unfathomable to think an NBA team would deal a top star, especially based on LeBron’s track record in the league. He’s burned the Cavaliers before, even if he made his return to win a championship. There’s also the persistent NBA rumors that once he’s a free agent, at the end of this season, his intentions are to join a new franchise, possibly the Los Angeles Lakers.

Still, as Beck of Bleacher Report mentions, it’s way too early for any sort of LeBron James trade talk. The team had an impressive comeback win over the New York Knicks on Monday night making for the team’s biggest comeback in the past 11 years. The Cavs have now won three of their last four games and are sitting at .500 after a rough start to the season. Also as mentioned, they’re still awaiting the return of All-Star Isaiah Thomas. Once he gets on the court, they’ll need to work him into the system that’s already in place.

If that system continues to struggle, though, don’t be too shocked if the Cavs start looking for ways to rebuild that system. It could all start from the top of the roster, which is where the King currently sits.

[Featured Image by LP Otero/AP Images]