Kylie Jenner: Why Pregnant Star Prefers Being With Travis Scott Than Tyga Ahead Of Baby Birth

Kylie Jenner is happier now that she’s with Travis Scott, seemingly shading Tyga, sources claim.

Reports, via Hollywood Life, allege that Kylie Jenner loves how her rapper baby father has adjusted to the news that she’s expecting their first child.

Now that the reality star is six months along, the 20-year-old enjoys having her own time away from the public while her boyfriend continues to tour the world and prep for another album for 2018.

Their schedules are really working in Kylie Jenner’s favor because she can still run her businesses independently while finding time to see her beau whenever she wants.

According to the outlet, had this been with Tyga, there would have been nothing but drama in the relationship at this point, which would have evidently caused endless stress on the reality star, who has gushed about wanting to become a mother for years.

She likes the way her relationship is going with Travis Scott because even though they are having their first child, they give each other the freedom to continue working on each other’s career without any interference from one another.

And that’s not to say that Travis doesn’t see Kylie because he’s focused on continuing his successful run in the music industry. He’s very supportive and makes time for her whenever time allows him to, and Kylie Jenner loves that.

The 20-year-old is said to be extremely supportive of her boyfriend’s career, and so is he about her businesses in fashion, beauty, and television.

By the time the baby arrives, both Kylie Jenner and Travis will hope to have built up enough for one another so that they can focus all of their attention on raising their child together and presumably take some time off from staying busy to their work.

As previously reported, Kylie Jenner never planned to get back with Tyga following their split back in March.

In April, she was said to have started dating Travis, and a month later, the star was said to have found herself being pregnant with the rapper’s baby.

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Their child’s arrival is expected to be somewhere between January and February, with sources saying that Kylie Jenner is beyond happy with the direction of her life right now.

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