Selena Gomez: The Truth Behind Her Liking The Weeknd’s Photos Amid Justin Bieber Romance

Selena Gomez caused quite the controversy on social media last week after having liked a photo from The Weeknd’s official Instagram page.

The singer, who is reported to have reconciled with on-again, off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber, seemingly hit up her social media account to like a photo of her former partner posing with rapper French Montana.

The photo seemed rather innocent, with The Weeknd simply giving Montana a shout-out for his birthday, which Selena Gomez seemed to like enough to double tap.

In doing so, not even the “Come & Get It” songstress could have prepared for the kind of backlash she received from Justin’s fans soon after.

Several users bashed Selena, claiming she was “cheating” on the Biebs for liking photos of her ex-boyfriend, with one fan writing, “Selena get your sh*t together you can’t have both.”

Another fan seemed much more aggressive with their words when saying, “How you gonna like ur ex’s pic after getting back with ur trash ex.”

Selena Gomez has not bothered to respond to the backlash she received from fans who say she’s cheating on Justin for liking a photo from her ex-boyfriend’s Instagram account.

It should be mentioned, however, that when The Weeknd reportedly called it quits with the 25-year-old, sources made it known that the twosome hoped to continue being friends.

Neither one of them had ended the relationship on bad terms, with insiders having noted that they simply fell out of love due to their hectic work commitments, but there was no sort of animosity between them, even after their split.

So, from the way it’s currently looking, Selena, being the friend that she’ll continue to be to The Weeknd, saw nothing wrong in liking a photo that was showing love to a rapper pal she’s most likely familiar with herself.


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It’s unlikely that Selena Gomez will find it in herself to respond to accusations that she’s cheating on Justin, for she has reportedly been working hard to try and work on a reconciliation plan with Bieber for quite some time.

The couple is said to be determined to make their romance last this time around, having attended church multiple times a week since their reunion last month.

Selena Gomez has refrained from responding to critics regarding her liking The Weeknd’s photos.

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