‘StarCraft 2’ Is Now Free To Play Including The First Single-Player Campaign, Multiplayer, And Co-Op

Discover the first campaign for StarCraft 2 for free starting today. The popular real-time strategy title from Blizzard Entertainment is now a free-to-play title including the Wings of Liberty campaign, multiplayer, and extended co-op. The entire Terran-focused story is included in the free game, but players can purchase the Zerg campaign Heart of the Swarm and the Protoss installment Legacy of the Void if they want to experience more StarCraft 2 single-player.

The free-to-play transition also includes access to the game’s multiplayer with the units from all the three entries. Free players can enjoy unranked matches immediately. To access ranked gameplay, free players will need to earn 10 “First Wins of the Day” while in unranked play. These wins can also be earned in the RTS’s Versus AI mode. Once those are completed, free players permanently unlock ranked multiplayer in StarCraft 2 as explained on the Battle.net website.

Free players can battle more AI in the co-op mode for StarCraft 2 as well. All co-op commanders are free to play up to level five. Three commanders that were previously free to play are still uncapped for players. Artanis, Kerrigan, and Raynor can be leveled past level five unlocking new perks and abilities for them in co-op play. Additional commanders like Dehaka, Fenix, and Nova can be purchased for $5 each which allows them to be leveled past level five in co-op.

StarCraft 2 free to play starting today
Two-player co-op is included in the free-to-play title. [Image by Blizzard Entertainment]

The 4.0 patch for StarCraft 2 is also available now. The update introduces a new co-op commander and a new co-op mission. Players can now recruit Han and Horner to their co-op roster. This duo is featured in one commander including both characters. Players will benefit from Matt Horner’s disciplined military might and Mira Han’s hasty scavenger influence simultaneously with this new commander. Part and Parcel is the new co-op mission where players aid General Davis to rebuild her war machine.

Patch 4.0 also features a number of big fixes and balance changes. Players can check out the patch notes on the StarCraft 2 website for more information on the update. The StarCraft 2 editor is also updated in the patch with new triggers, UI changes, and more.

Both free and paid players can buy additional skins, announcers, and more from the StarCraft 2 store. As the Inquisitr reported, players can unlock special unit scavenger skins from the BlizzCon 2017 Virtual Ticket. The ticket is still available now, letting players unlock these StarCraft 2 skins alongside more in-game items for other Blizzard Entertainment games.

[Featured Image by Blizzard Entertainment]