Duggar Family News: Derick Dillard Is Getting A Lot Of Support, Fans Claim He Was ‘Bullied’ By TLC

It did not take long before Derick Dillard, one of the stars of the 19 Kids and Counting spinoff series Counting On, was terminated by TLC. The straw that seemed to have broken the camel’s back was Derick’s insistence on attacking fellow TLC transgender star Jazz Jennings, who the ex-Counting On star recently bashed on Twitter again.

In a short statement through social media, TLC announced that it would not be featuring Derick Dillard in future episodes of the iconic reality TV family’s ongoing show. Prior to this statement, TLC also publicly stood behind Jennings, stating that the network does not in any way agree with Derick’s beliefs and stance against the LGBT community.

Quite unsurprisingly, Derick’s termination from Counting On was immediately celebrated by critics of the Duggar family. Derick, for his part, responded to his termination by uploading a quote on his personal Instagram page, referring to compromises, convictions, and compassion.

Interestingly, TLC’s decision to terminate the Duggar in-law from starring in Counting On has brought about a surprising amount of support for the controversial reality star. In the comments section of Derick’s Instagram page alone, many members of the Duggar community aired their utmost support for the Duggar in-law.

Some of Derick’s supporters even stated that the ex-Counting On star never really did anything wrong and was simply airing his opinions on social media. One particular commenter on Instagram even went so far as to say that overall, Derick was quite respectful to Jazz Jennings when he called her out on her sexual orientation. Others lauded Derick for keeping to his faith and standing up to current worldly norms.

“He never insulted her, he never picked on her, he never even bashed her, he said the truth and that hurts people’s feelings who are happy living with their lies. That’s all there is to it. He was very respectful actually,” wrote one commenter.

“I applaud you for speaking your faith, standing on it and trusting the Lord. Some things are much more important than money, and everything is more important than fame,” another commenter wrote.

Even in the comments section of TLC’s official Twitter announcement, several of Derick’s followers quickly rallied behind the Duggar in-law. Some even went so far as to claim that TLC, by cutting ties with the controversial reality TV star, actually ended up bullying Derick.

“So he (Derick) is basically getting bullied for his religious views,” wrote one commenter on Twitter.

“I feel that Derick Dillard should be entitled to his beliefs without repercussions,” wrote another.

For now, Derick Dillard is definitely off Counting On. He would not be appearing in future episodes of the iconic conservative Christian family’s hit reality TV spinoff. Derick’s presence in social media, however, remains quite notable, as he still boasts 124,000 Twitter followers and 819,000 followers on Instagram.

While Derick would not be seen on TLC’s reality TV series, however, his wife, Jill Duggar Dillard, is still very much a part of Counting On. Thus, while Derick would not appear onscreen, his presence, at least through his wife, would most likely be felt in the Duggar community for a long time to come.

[Featured Image by Derick Dillard/Instagram]