‘Warframe’ On PS4, Xbox One Updates With Plains Of Eidolon Open World Content

Console tenno can now explore the new open world Landscape in Warframe. The Plains of Eidolon update is now live on console platforms adding bounties, the spacious new map, and rewards. Players will discover the new area on Earth where they help the Ostrons, create their own melee weapons, and take down hulking eidolons. The new update is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as noted on the game’s Twitter.

Breaking away from the traditional corridor-focused and linear maps in the rest of Warframe, the new Landscape in Plains of Eidolon is a huge open world for players to explore at their leisure. Although Grineer roam the wilds during the day, sentients overwhelm the map at night. During the 50 minute night portion of the 150 minute day/night cycle, players can avoid the eidolons or try to take one down.

Working to rid the plains of eidolons lets players increase their faction with the Quills. This faction has plenty of new items and options for the Operator while bounties provide standing to another faction. Bounties let players improve their faction with the Ostron, the NPC people within Cetus, unlocking new parts for custom melee weapons, items to help with mining, and even fishing items.

Warfame on PS4, Xbox One updates with open world map
Collecting materials lets players buy new skins and colors for their companions. [Image by Digital Extremes]

In addition to defeating the foes that inhabit the Landscape, players can also spear fish. Activities like fishing and mining reward more materials to players that eventually make both easier. Not to mention, these new materials are needed for pet skins and increasing faction with the Ostrons. Warframe players can even summon their archwings in the plains letting them soar the skies looking for their next foe or fishing spot. The Plains of Eidolon update also includes a major revamp to the Focus system in Warframe and adds Operator armor.

Players on PS4 and Xbox One can discover this new content starting today. According to the PlayStation Blog, the game launched in 2013 as the first downloadable free-to-play title on the PS4 system. Now it is second to Netflix in the most application downloads on the PS4. With 34 warframes and a growing story, the Plains of Eidolon is just the next step in the progression of Warframe.

The Plains of Eidolon patch on console also includes the new Gara warframe. Gara uses glass to impale and confuse foes. The glass can even provide more defense to allies as reported by the Inquisitr. The new open world, melee weapon crafting, and more are now available in Warframe on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

[Featured Image by Digital Extremes]